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Strong critical thinking is the key to success

You work hard in today’s market to fill your hiring needs.  Screen better and faster with thinking skills and mindset attribute testing. Get the validated data you need to identify employees with the essential job-related skills to succeed in your company.

There’s no substitute for high quality objective and validated data.

Whether you need data about thinking strength for candidate evaluation, employee development, continuous improvement projects or for program evaluation, Insight Assessment is here to make sure you get the metrics you need about thinking skills and mindset.

Each INSIGHT assessment has been calibrated to objectively measure the way staff members apply reasoning skills to job-related situations.  Our reports deliver data and comprehensive analysis in an easy to use format:

  • Numerical and Qualitative Results Reported on Each Metric.  Numerical scores and recommended performance assessments reported reflect the extent to which the person being assessed manifested a given skill or attribute. The recommended performance assessments (qualitative scores) reported are always relative to the level of the INSIGHT assessment instrument: INSIGHT Executive , INSIGHT Professional , INSIGHT Staff , or INSIGHT Support .
  • Printable individual reports document specific strengths and areas for growth for each of 15 key skills and mindset metrics.  In addition to qualitative and numeric results, individual reports provide reliable analysis of each component of decision making and how it impacts job success.
  • Optional group reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts on each metric using high quality graphics, suitable for inclusion in management reports. The spreadsheets included with group reports provide the specific scores and responses by all individuals assessed. Group level reports effectively communicate assessment results for particular aggregations of individuals, e.g. all applicants for a particular position.
  • Our expert staff will provide assistance for set up of your projects and can deliver reports for all subgroups in your organization.  When groups of candidates or employees are examined, it is possible to make judgments about the strength of the group as a whole as well as to compare individuals in the group. 
  • INSIGHT assessments are available whenever needed 24/7. Insight Assessment test instruments are delivered worldwide using our secure, encrypted, online multilingual interface. Our app based test online system provides the option of taking our thinking and reasoning assessments on most mobile devices as well as desktop systems. Individual results reports are sent directly to your specified email address each time an assessment is completed.
INSIGHT - Overall Scores for candidates

Building a team of strong thinkers depends on having relevant data on individual and group strength in thinking and problem solving.  INSIGHT individual and group reports have many uses, including guiding employee hiring and development initiatives over time, comparing different groups engaged in similar tasks at a given organizational level, documenting the success of quality improvement initiatives or aiding in the establishment of threshold skill levels to qualify candidates for interviews.

If your company wants to proactively implement a thinking skills improvement initiative,   INSIGHT Development Program provides online self-paced training modules focusing on 15 core thinking skills and attributes. The program features reflective mental exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.

Better employee thinking means better decisions. Contact us to get the data you need to meet your goals.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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