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Your research in human cognition could be aided by the direct measurement of human reasoning skills and thinking mindset;  we invite you to review our product array.   Our mission at Insight Assessment is to improve human reasoning internationally. We are particularly proud of our role in supporting the work of leading researchers.

Do strong reasoning skills or a thinking mindset protect someone from depression? Do they significantly predict wealth or good health? Do individual differences in reasoning ability and mindset influence reported findings in drug studies, investigations of memory or motor skills, studies on aging? If you are a cognitive researcher, you probably want to study and quantify this potential effect or control it in your next investigation. 

Many Insight Assessment customers have identified strength in reasoning skills and a thinking mindset as the characteristics they require in their key personnel, prefer in selective admission, hiring and training, and use to assign key leadership positions. 

Adding a measure of reasoning skills and mindset to a scientific investigation of human cognition allows you to control for individual differences that affect engagement of the problem, the ability to analyze and evaluate solution paths, and draw inferences as to potential gain, risk management, and options for problem resolution.

Insight Assessment provides test instruments calibrated to specific ages and ability ranges and benchmarked to the national population. Translations, developed through collaborative, culturally competent projects with colleague researchers around the world, make multilingual investigations possible. Comprehensive individual and group reports provide objective metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of key aspects of thinking.

Assumptions that all study participants can be treated as equals in cognitive research is a likely design flaw that can be easily remedied.   Valid and reliable measures, calibrated to your expected study sample, will control this variable and potentially offer new insights on the effects of this individual difference variable on your program of research.

Selecting a valid and reliable measure calibrated to your study population also offers you the opportunity to benchmark your study sample to the population in the area of reasoning skills, increasing the external validity of your findings. Contact our representatives today for more information about Insight Assessment's support of research studies of human reasoning and decision making .  

Smart things are all the rage

Smart things are all the rage.  Smart phones. Smart TVs. Smart homes. Smart cars. Smart appliances. Smart wearables. Smart manufacturing.  Just enter the word smart plus a couple of random letters into your search engine and you’ll find millions of search suggestions.   So many that, in fact, "smart" doesn’t seem to have much meaning. 

Objects aren't smart, people are.

It’s innovative, creative and analytical people who develop smart things.

Photo of hands holding 10 different mobile devices around a wood table

Don’t settle for smart. Want innovation? Hire strong thinkers

Brains are the real power force in this world. We need strong thinkers being innovators in every profession. This includes teachers, professors, technology, entrepreneurs, small business owners, healthcare workers, customer service workers, even politicians. We need to value and cultivate strong thinkers who have the analytic skills.

Innovation skills start with critical thinking

Innovation is built on critical thinking skills.  Critical thinking is one of the most in demand job skills. It’s essential for innovation. Innovators must have the skills as well as the mental disciplines and mindset to drive ideas from concept to completion.  

Strong critical thinkers are skilled problem solvers, able to to evaluate options, anticipate risks and opportunities and create new ideas and products.

Strong critical thinkers are innovators who are intellectually curious, eager to explore new ideas, receptive to improvements and driven to persevere through failures. 

Innovators must have the skills as well as the mental disciplines and mindset who can learn from failures, analyzing problems to ensure the right lessons are learned and applied.

Innovators must have the skills as well as the mental disciplines and mindset who can learn from failures. They study problems to ensure the right lessons are learned and applied. 

Man using laptop

How to identify and develop employees with innovation skills

The first step is the objective assessment of thinking skills and mindset.

Insight Assessment specializes in providing the objective metrics needed to identify strong critical thinkers. Our test instruments provide informative individual and group reports on the strengths and weaknesses on 15 core competencies of good thinking and problem-solving.   Insight Assessment’s high quality, validated, multilingual thinking assessments are used globally because they are calibrated for wide range of business and HR needs. INSIGHT Development Program provides online, self- paced training modules so employees can improve their thinking and innovation skills.   Clients rely on our tools for hiring, professional development , outcomes improvement, curriculum development, and process improvement.

Do you want to build strong teams with the skills that drive innovation?  Contact us to discuss how thinking metrics can help you.

Do you know how many of your employees are good thinkers?

know your best thinkers

If you’re not assessing thinking abilities, then you’re guessingINSIGHT's group reports deliver the objective metrics on the overall reasoning and complex problem solving skills that will enable you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of teams, departments or divisions.

You need to understand how employees will think on the job.  Do they have strong problem solving skills? Do they have the analytical skills to evaluate risks and alternatives? Do they have the focus and drive necessary for innovation? Will they be motivated to reason through complex decision making processes? Will they be fast learners? INSIGHT reports these metrics.

INSIGHT Business Professional provides you with the tools you need to make staffing decisions based on the most important job qualification: does this candidate or employee have the thinking skills and motivation to get the job doneWithin minutes of the completion of the INSIGHT assessment, a printable report will be sent to you documenting the individual's strengths and areas for growth in 15 key thinking skill and mindset metrics.

Insight Assessment provides validated, objective measurements of the core thinking skills and reasoning mindset that make business operations run more smoothly. Our easy to use, online assessments give you the reliable analysis you need for hiring, promoting and future planning.

And the bonus: talent development . Training costs money and time for your organization, so invest in employees who can succeed. INSIGHT metrics include the data you need to strategically build strong teams throughout your organization. You can increase performance by identifying the best thinkers for leadership and promotion. Professional development programs can be targeted to improve specific areas of weakness in your staff.

Thinking and decision-making skills and a commitment to your company’s mission, vision and values are important considerations at every level of your organization. So why would you make a hire without assessing these metrics? Contact us; you don’t have to wait to start building teams of smart, strong thinkers.

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Strong thinking skills are in demand across the globe. If you want to prioritize the improvement of decision skills, Insight Assessment provides the high quality assessments, metrics, service and expertise required to measure thinking skills and mindset attributes. Our solutions set the standard:



  • Individual and group metrics about thinking skills or thinking mindset or both.
  • Individual reports specifying the strengths and weaknesses in key components of reasoning strength, delivered within minutes of test-taker completion.
  • Comprehensive data about group performance that include group descriptive scores and detailed analysis of overall group performance.
  • Comparison percentile scores are available for critical thinking skills tests 
  • Relevant, objective, presentation ready reports analyzing the test taker responses


  • Starting with our initial consultation on your testing goals, our testing specialists will work with you to optimize your results.
  • Assistance to integrate the inclusion of thinking skills and mindset and assessment into your HR procedures.
  • Test in English or over 20 additional languages  or a combination of languages using our high quality translations and multilingual online test taker interface options. We have high quality translations and multilingual online test taker interface options.
  • Test individuals or group(s) online, proctored, remotely, using our flexible test administration options to deliver data securely and efficiently 
  • Option of specialized demographic or survey questions  to manage and organize data
  • Provide HR with training tools for team development
  • Complimentary resources about the importance of improving thinking or training better reasoning


  • Identify individuals with strong critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills
  • Support hiring and placement commitments with objective metrics reporting the strength and weakness in the decision making skills and mindset of employees and job candidates
  • Inform student admissions and retention, curriculum evaluation, employee hiring, talent development, accreditation, training, research or non-profit work 
  • To enhance an existing assessment program or implement a new program.

If you need a complete thinking assessment solution: high quality tests calibrated for your test takers, quick and easy online start-up using our app based test system and ready to use comprehensive reports, contact us to see the power of our assessment results and the benefits of working with Insight Assessment.

For information on how to purchase Insight Assessment solutions 

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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