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Data Files

It's a lot easier to capture data than it is to use it effectively.

  • Don't just collect data--use it.  Without strong critical thinkers in key roles to analyze data, businesses are simply managing exponentially increasing data sets that are basically useless.  Getting value out of data requires someone who has the right analytical skills to ask targeted questions and the mental disciplines to process results to discern the information that can be used to grow the business. There is an increasing call for employees, analysts and leaders who have the ability--and mindset-- to use critical thinking skills. 
  • No wonder strong thinking skills are in such demand today.

Insight Assessment specializes in helping organizations identify strong thinkers who have the skills to analyze, evaluate, interpret and apply data.

What could be more important than understanding the strengths--and weaknesses of your managers’ and employees' critical thinking?  
Contact us to see how our INSIGHT assessment tools deliver objective metrics that will help identify the strong thinkers who are eager and able to make your data work for you.
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Insight Assessment customers stay with INSIGHT because they receive undeniable value for their assessment programs.
  • Better Customer Service, More Customer Confidence in Results—personalized consultations on test selection and logistics through delivery and analysis of results.  Just tell us who and when; we’ll take care of the rest.
  • More Reliability, Less Effort and Risk for Your Staff—easy and efficient data collection with our secure, encrypted, multilingual online interface , available 24-7, easily administered at single or multiple sites, at test centers, to groups & to individuals.
  • More Metrics, Easier to Use—results delivered within minutes providing comprehensive analytical data on the strengths and weaknesses of test taker thought processes.
  • More Well-Reasoned Decisions, Fewer Errors—prioritizing good thinking reduces poor problem analysis and missed opportunities, increasing performance and efficiency of individuals and teams.
  • More Usable Data, Less File Filler—specific individual and group report data that is applicable for hiring, talent development, focused professional development initiatives, program evaluation.
  • More Business Context, More Relevance—three dimensional scenarios and business situations are linked to specialized metrics which indicate the critical elements of reasoning required to function in corporate positions. 
  • More Accurate Data, Better Reports measurements provided for Overall Thinking plus 15 core problem solving skills and mental disciplines that impact how decisions are made.
  • More Options, Better Fit with Your Needs test instruments calibrated for business, academic, health care, defense and legal organizations , available in more than 20 languages.
Insight Assessment specializes in cost effective full service solutions for measuring decision making skills and mindset attributes.

Contact us to get data that works for you.

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Success in leadership positions requires strong decision making skills.

Decision-makers must be able to create clarity out of ambiguity, evaluate risks and opportunities, and make a commitment to achieve the goal.  But how do you keep the leadership team on goal? Each individual’s decision may be reasonable but you need assurance these decisions maintain company vision. High stakes, high pressure, complex situations, opportunity deadlines, too much, too little or conflicting information; it’s the reality of being a leader. 

Decision making in complex situations is never easy.  But businesses can’t afford to get it wrong.  Here are five critical leadership decision skills measured by INSIGHT Executive .

Successful decision-making leaders must:

  • Identify critical factors which will affect the outcome of a decision: A strongly skilled decision-maker requires excellent analytical and interpretive skills to determine the issues that must be addressed and accounted for in the deliberative and implementation phases.
  • Evaluate options accurately and establish priorities: Effective leaders must be able to evaluate the quality of alternatives and explain the reasons behind that evaluation.
  • Anticipate outcomes and see logical consequences: In order to see the applications and the implications of regulations, policies, basic assumptions, core principles and protocols which both shape and constrain decision making, strong strategists must draw logical inferences in precisely defined and tightly structured contexts.
  • Navigate risk and uncertainty: Successful managers must be able to see the most probable and best justified inferences to draw in contexts where the information given may be uncertain or ambiguous, or where the best inference is not a foregone conclusion.  
  • Reason well in contexts requiring quantitative analysis:  Leaders must be able to analyze, interpret and evaluate vital information that is presented in charts, graphs, text or tables; they must understand what the numbers mean and how they impact options.

INSIGHT delivers the data you need to assure leaders have the critical thinking skills to succeed.

  • The metrics reported on INSIGHT assessments have been rigorously calibrated to objectively identify how decisions were made and measure the application of reasoning skills.
  • Comprehensive  individual reports document strengths and weaknesses in essential leadership mindset attributes and cognitive skills required for high stakes decision making. 
  • Effortless integration into your current human resource processes, easy online administration, results in your inbox within minutes will take the stress out of employee assessment.

Vision and decision strength start at the top. Contact us to preview how INSIGHT Executive delivers the reliable analysis you need to validate that your leadership team is ready to implement corporate goals.

facione-education is chalkboard

To teach thinking, you have to model good thinking.

  • It's not a secret.

Effective training to improve thinking must start with the teacher.

Students learn from what teachers do as much, if not more, than from what they say. The most successful teacher will be the one who is able to both nurture and challenge thinking. 

  • Teaching for thinking requires a passionate disposition toward thinking and the explicit and reflective use of thinking skills to form reasoned judgments.
  • Educators must demonstrate thinking in multiple contexts including those that are rich in subject matter content and problem-complexity. 
  • The more a teacher is able to extend participants’ thinking into new domains of learning and inquiry, demanding solid content knowledge and the correct application of standards and methods appropriate to the domain, the stronger students’ thinking will become. It is a matter of active engagement, thoughtful reflection and reasonable reformulations of judgments.

If we expect to help students improve their thinking, educators must intensively practice the critical thinking skills and comment on the habits of mind of those being taught.

This is a surprisingly easy task when educators have trained their own habits of mind toward a standard of externalizing their reasons and evidence for judgments made, and of modeling the habits of mind that are expected from students. Speaking aloud the reasons and evidence for one’s judgments typically results in improved evaluation of one’s own thinking (the critical thinking skill of self-regulation).

As teachers model the characteristics of a strong thinkers , they can employ techniques to engage students and trainees in successful thinking skills development such as:
  • Being sure you know what success would really look like before you set about making things right. Too often we, and our students, do things just to be doing something, without knowing what the problem really is, why we are doing it, or how we will know when to declare victory.
  • Setting clear performance expectations for thinking—and include assessment to measure improvement.
  • Discussing actual examples of successful and unsuccessful decision-making and problem-solving. Case studies are excellent tools.
  • Modelling "Step-Back" and be sure that you understand the problem before you try to solve it.
  • Teaching groups and individuals to reflect upon and critically analyze their problem solving and decision-making processes by asking themselves systematic and tough questions about their own assumptions, methodologies, standards, and theoretical frames of references.
  • Exploring the role mindset attributes play in the application of thinking skills.
In school and in the workplace, thinking and problem solving gains define the success of training programs and their trainers. Everyone can learn to think better. Training someone to focus on their own thinking process, and teaching them about how they evaluate information, draw inferences, and avoid thinking errors, is a lifelong gift.
Whether your goal is improving the thinking skills of students or employees, a good program always incorporates objective assessment . Contact Insight Assessment to discuss how to integrate the development of thinking skills into your  professional development or learning outcomes evaluation programs.

Insight Assessment invites you to follow our blog, Thinking INSIGHT .

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High impact employee assessment doesn’t have to be hard. You need objective actionable data. You need it delivered in a cost-effective way.

The mindset and decision-making abilities of key employees determine their on the job effectiveness.Insight Assessment specializes in helping organizations identify strong thinkers who are driven to utilize their talents to achieve company goals.

What could be more important than understanding how your decision makers apply their reasoning skills to job-related situations?

INSIGHT Business Professional is the proven evaluation tool that delivers highly relevant data. INSIGHT individual reports provide metrics on the test-taker’s strengths and weaknesses in essential cognitive skills and mindset attributes required for high stakes decision making. Group reports provide team overviews. Effortless integration into your current human resource processes, easy online administration, results in your inbox within minutes takes the stress out of employee assessment.

INSIGHT delivers employee thinking assessments that provide the data you need for:

INSIGHT: Business Professional gives you the most valuable tool for critical employee assessment: an objective, comprehensive measurement of reasoning skills.

Analysis and rankings of the problem-solving and decision making skills of your staff gives you the ability to match skills to jobs.

Contact us to find out how INSIGHT tools can provide data for all your thinking assessment needs from prescreening candidates to leadership identification.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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