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Insight Assessment: Grow with Strong Thinkers

Objective data can predict how successful employees will be in their job. Making the strategic decision to invest in assessing and training thinking pays off.

  • Progress and growth result from good decision-making; bad decision-making causes failures. You need to find and develop talented professionals with the reasoning skills and mindset to drive current systems to the next level, an eagerness for relentless problem solving, and an eye to seize opportunities while managing risks.

Hiring good thinkers raises the bar for current and future thinkers. 

Making a commitment to objective assessment of candidate and employee thinking sends the message that the success of your business requires strong decision making throughout your operations. You get what you measure: when you hire strategically, you make sure you are building a talent pool with the motivation and potential to grow in their responsibilities.

Gain confidence that decisions are being made by people who have the necessary core reasoning skills to make the optimal conclusions.

Success depends on the work ethic and the thinking skills of the employees at every level of your organization. When companies have strong, motivated thinkers, good decisions build business success, reduce errors and identify opportunities for growth.  

Reliable assessment data strengthens initiatives to support improvements in thinking skills and thinking mindset that can be achieved by employees at every stage of their career.

Thinking skills and mindset can be trained. In fact, every motivated trainee and working professional can improve the quality of their thinking skills. Measuring thinking can motivate employees to hone their skills; knowledge of weaknesses can be a powerful motivator to change.

INSIGHT Business assessments provide the valuable information that is too often missing from current hiring and promotion procedures: an objective, reliable measurement of the reasoning skills and mental disciplines required for the position. 

With specializations in business, healthcare, law, defense and education , INSIGHT provides cost-effective assessments that target your industry.

Our clients use INSIGHT Development Program to build reasoning capabilities in new hires and current staff to achieve the goal of better thinking throughout their organization.

Designed to be used as an independent training study by employees, INSIGHT Development Program can also be incorporated into existing training programs.  Online, self-guided training modules are available 24/7 on a secure website. 

Get the benefits of employee with strong thinking and decision-making skills

Contact our client support team to see how INSIGHT tools can help you improve the effectiveness of your staff.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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