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Insight Assessment offers practical resources for teaching and training good thinking

Check out the expanded Insight Assessment Resources library.  We've re-organized and enhanced this collection with additional materials to better serve educators, trainers and researchers. Our goal is to present practical materials that support successful testing programs and facilitate the exploration of how critical thinking skills and dispositions can be taught and learned.

This complimentary collection of recommended resources reflects Insight Assessment's commitment to growing, measuring and promoting good thinking worldwide..  

Strong assessment programs are grounded in clear understanding of what is being taught & measured. We invite you to browse these practical resources for training excellence in reasoning. Enjoy exploring how strong decision making can be fostered, developed and assessed.

Contact us to learn more about our objective, validated assessments of thinking skills and mindset.

More to come. Follow  our blog, Thinking INSIGHT to explore ways we can all develop and benefit from stronger thinking in the classroom and workplace. 

Group of students studying object on table

K-12 schools and academies of all kinds -- independent, charter, public, private, international – assess student critical thinking to get objective data that benefits students, teachers, parents and schools.

There is a high correlation between student thinking skills and their academic achievement.  Students possessing strength in critical thinking are better equipped to solve problems, to understand and to integrate content material, and to achieve in school. And that achievement prepares them for tomorrow.

Today educational programs throughout the world are expected to be able to demonstrate that they are effectively improving critical thinking skills. The data from well-designed assessment programs help parents and educators target educational development to ensure that students are developing the strength of thinking skills and learning attributes they need to succeed in school and in the workplace.

Educators and researchers frequently use Insight Assessment test instruments to gather solid evidence on critical thinking learning outcomes. Group and individual data are used to study the effectiveness of teaching methods aimed at training reasoning skills and mindset.

EDUCATE INSIGHT is a comprehensive critical thinking assessment program for K-12 education. These thinking assessments have been calibrated to provide age appropriate, validated, objective measurements of the key thinking skills and mental motivations of students.  Our clients depend on our comprehensive graphic and statistical reports to deliver the high quality data needed for their assessment objectives.

Objective, reliable group data is often used to:

  • ensure students are developing the reasoning skills needed for academic success
  • provide the objective data teachers need to incorporate necessary reasoning skills into class work, reading instruction and curriculum
  • evaluate the effectiveness of curricular programs, instructional approaches and educational materials in developing critical thinking learning
  • strengthen support programs by identifying areas for individual and/or group instruction
  • benchmark student critical thinking against external national norms
  • document the growth in student critical thinking skills from program entry to exit
  • to support selective admissions processes

 Comprehensive individual reports can be used to:

  • help counselors and teachers understand how student thinking skills and weaknesses on specific core reasoning skills impact the quality of learning and problem solving
  • provide parents with an understanding of their student’s skills, needs and learning style
  • identify and target specific areas for improvement
  • provide objective information for class placement
  • support the developing individual education plans
  • supplement selective admissions processes by gathering objective evidence of key predictors of student success such as critical thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and learning orientation

Good critical thinking tests are not tests of factual knowledge about critical thinking. Memorizing information and definitions is not the key. A good critical thinking test engages test takers in using their critical thinking because critical thinking is a process. 

Contact us to see why K-12 educators rely on our on Insight Assessment full service solutions to gather the data they need to develop stronger student critical thinking.

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Can your employees think their way out of a paper bag?

Identifying and supporting people who have the ability to think forward, problem-solve and make good decisions is crucial to business success. Companies simply cannot afford the costs of employees who cannot think their way out of a paper bag, let alone become a contributing member of your team.  INSIGHT assesses the critical thinking skills that pay off throughout your organization

Here are 10 practical reasons why your company should be assessing employee thinking skills and mindset attributes:

  • Assessing thinking is important because thinking skills are the most essential job qualification; if employees can’t think well, they won’t be productive.
  • Assessing thinking is cheaper than the cost of a bad hire or employees who make bad decisions: poor thinking costs businesses money and opportunities for growth.
  • Assessing thinking helps you identify and build the strongest talent pool; save interview time and costs by screening candidates for strength of thinking.
  • Assessing thinking improves performance and efficiency: you benefit when good analytical thinking is applied to problem solving and planning.
  • Assessing thinking facilitates building strategic professional development: data can be used to target identified strengths and weaknesses of individuals, teams and departments.
  • Assessing thinking provides objective validated metrics for improvement initiatives: employee retention, engagement, training and continuous improvement programs benefit.
  • Assessing thinking gives valuable input for employee evaluations: unlock potential by incorporating objective thinking metrics into the review process.
  • Assessing thinking gives you a competitive advantage over other companies who don’t prioritize good thinking: out-thinking the competition is vital;  innovation depends on strong thinking.
  • Assessing thinking demonstrates commitment to strong decision making skills: promote positive thinking culture at work; identify employees who have winning business mindsets.
  • Assessing thinking with high quality test instruments ensures you get the highest quality actionable individual and group data; use it to prioritize good thinking throughout your organization.
To sum it up: high quality assessment data analyzing the key problem-solving and decision making skills of your employees will give you the ability to grow and maximize competitiveness.

Insight Assessment specializes in objective, user-friendly, validated measurements of critical thinking skills and mindset attributes.  Comprehensive INSIGHT Business Professional individual reports include metrics on test taker strengths and weaknesses on 15 essential elements of thinking skills and mindset. Individual and group reports are used worldwide for hiring, talent development, training and program evaluation. Flexible app based test administration is available 24/7.

Strong thinkers deliver results .  Contact us. We're ready to demonstrate how easy it is to get the benefits of assessing thinking with INSIGHT.
Why should I choose Insight Assessment solutions?

Follow our blog, Thinking INSIGHT , for resources and further discussion of the measurement of thinking skills and mindset.

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sample app image

We are pleased to announce that Insight Assessment personal assessment products are now available on most android, apple and Windows 10 devices. 

There are a lot of thinking games out there, but Critical Thinking Insight provides authentic assessments of adult level thinking skills and mindset based on the high quality employment and educational tests we have been providing to businesses, government, health care agencies, colleges and high schools for thirty years

The self-tests in the Critical Thinking Insight app are calibrated to provide objective summaries of your strengths and weaknesses on key components of thinking and reasoning well. In addition, you receive personal coaching suggestions to help you grow even stronger in each area covered by the test. Your results are protected by our privacy policy.

Critical thinking skills and mindset can be measured—and improved. Check out our free sample thinking questions and challenge yourself with the each of the self evaluation assessments. My Thinking Skills – Adult Level and My Thinking Mindset – Adult Level provide information about your overall thinking skills and your motivation to apply those skills to solve problems. My Leadership Potential – Adult Level explores the habits of mind needed by effective leaders.  My Learning Mind – Ages 5-10  and My Learning Mind – Ages 11-17 report on mindset attributes related to learning.

Invest in improving your thinking. Try our free download, “ Critical Thinking Insight ”, on your phone, tablet or Windows 10 computer. The app includes free sample questions and personal assessments which can be purchased in-app. Discover your thinking skill and mindset; then identify your leadership qualities today.  Then start your personal thinking development program tomorrow.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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