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10 Reasons Your Company Should Assess Thinking

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Can your employees think their way out of a paper bag?

Identifying and supporting people who have the ability to think forward, problem-solve and make good decisions is crucial to business success. Companies simply cannot afford the costs of employees who cannot think their way out of a paper bag, let alone become a contributing member of your team.  INSIGHT assesses the critical thinking skills that pay off throughout your organization

Here are 10 practical reasons why your company should be assessing employee thinking skills and mindset attributes:

  • Assessing thinking is important because thinking skills are the most essential job qualification; if employees can’t think well, they won’t be productive.
  • Assessing thinking is cheaper than the cost of a bad hire or employees who make bad decisions: poor thinking costs businesses money and opportunities for growth.
  • Assessing thinking helps you identify and build the strongest talent pool; save interview time and costs by screening candidates for strength of thinking.
  • Assessing thinking improves performance and efficiency: you benefit when good analytical thinking is applied to problem solving and planning.
  • Assessing thinking facilitates building strategic professional development: data can be used to target identified strengths and weaknesses of individuals, teams and departments.
  • Assessing thinking provides objective validated metrics for improvement initiatives: employee retention, engagement, training and continuous improvement programs benefit.
  • Assessing thinking gives valuable input for employee evaluations: unlock potential by incorporating objective thinking metrics into the review process.
  • Assessing thinking gives you a competitive advantage over other companies who don’t prioritize good thinking: out-thinking the competition is vital;  innovation depends on strong thinking.
  • Assessing thinking demonstrates commitment to strong decision making skills: promote positive thinking culture at work; identify employees who have winning business mindsets.
  • Assessing thinking with high quality test instruments ensures you get the highest quality actionable individual and group data; use it to prioritize good thinking throughout your organization.
To sum it up: high quality assessment data analyzing the key problem-solving and decision making skills of your employees will give you the ability to grow and maximize competitiveness.

Insight Assessment specializes in objective, user-friendly, validated measurements of critical thinking skills and mindset attributes.  Comprehensive INSIGHT Business Professional individual reports include metrics on test taker strengths and weaknesses on 15 essential elements of thinking skills and mindset. Individual and group reports are used worldwide for hiring, talent development, training and program evaluation. Flexible app based test administration is available 24/7.

Strong thinkers deliver results .  Contact us. We're ready to demonstrate how easy it is to get the benefits of assessing thinking with INSIGHT.
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