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Data to Hire Smart, Develop Talent & Improve Quality

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Are you maximizing your most valuable resource--your employees, managers and leaders?

INSIGHT solutions for business success give corporations powerful tools to build a strong and effective employee base in which strong reasoning skills are valued and mobilized to maximize profit and products.

The business news is filled with examples of bad decisions, short-sighted problem solving and erroneous risk assessment. The consequences of these poor reasoning skills are far reaching—loss of money, loss of market share, loss of investor confidence and worse. Every day, at every level in your business, employees make decisions that impact your bottom line. Business leaders need to be sure that those decisions are being made by people who have the necessary reasoning skills.

Insight Assessment provides comprehensive training tools and validated assessments.

INSIGHT Development Program includes assessment and critical thinking training modules that can be integrated into your training programs or can be implemented as new initiative. INSIGHT business assessments are calibrated to measure 15 core components of thinking skill & mindset that are required for professional success. 

Four levels of precisely calibrated measurement tools provide the objective information your business needs:

Hire smart: Prescreen for thinking skills .

  • Companies that are hiring for the future ask for more: they require a measurement of applicant thinking skills. Every hiring decision is high stakes. Every unsuccessful employee costs you money, time and missed opportunities. Companies typically try to reduce risk by establishing basic requirements (experience, education and skills), filtering out those who do not meet standards & then identifying the remaining top talent. Proactive companies use our prescreening tools. They want an objective summary of the candidate’s core reasoning skills; they want an evaluation of the candidate’s tendency to make decision making mistakes and they want an assessment of whether the candidate has the mindset and mental discipline that dispose them to become successful, contributing members of the team.  Companies that insist on hiring people with strong thinking skills are investing in their future.

Talent spotting and skills development .

  • When strong decision making skills are prioritized, potential is maximized and risks are reduced.Thinking skills and mindsets may not appear on performance evaluations but every day the quality of decisions about customer service, production tolerances, goal setting, risk evaluation, implementation of changes etc impact success. INSIGHT measurements of individual employee thinking strengths and challenges (such as approaches to problem-solving, ability to work with numerical data, commitment, desire to learn, professionalism) enable supervisors and managers to objectively match employee skills and talents to job responsibilities. This data is valuable to assess employee potential for development and growth, identify the best thinkers, promote wisely, recognize thoughtful approaches to decision-making and to plan for future leadership. 

Improve quality .  

  • Increasing the quality of the decision-making in an organization leads to widespread quality improvements. Fewer mistakes are made when employees approach problems and decisions with the ability to analyze problems, evaluate options, anticipate consequences and apply numerical data.   Efficiency and productivity will improve because risks can be anticipated and errors reduced.   Analytical approaches can lead to product and systemic improvements. Minimum thinking standards can be set for future hiring and promotions. Objective data can guide how work is assigned; staff development programs can be instituted. INSIGHT Development Program  delivers the most comprehensive, effective and well-established approach to strengthening employee decision-making and problem solving. Our clients use INSIGHT Development Program to build reasoning capabilities in new hires and current staff to achieve the goal of better thinking throughout their organization.

Contact Insight Assessment to ensure that you have a talent pool with the potential to grow.

We offer premium business testing and employee development solutions, targeted to your specific needs. Our high quality test instruments, automatic online delivery mode, and outstanding customer service make large scale adoptions cost effective. Our reports give you the ability to apply objective metrics to your needs.  Start building your future.  

Outsmart your competition.

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