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Invest in Better Employee Development Plans

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Investing in employee development takes planning but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Start by focusing on a worthy goal:

What employee strengths and weaknesses most impact your company potential? Are poor decisions and missed opportunities too frequent? Targeting the development of the high quality decision-making skills and motivation needed for business operations will deliver ongoing benefits. 

It’s difficult to develop an internal program for improving thinking skills. INSIGHT Development Program includes assessment and critical thinking training modules that can be integrated into your training programs or can be implemented as new initiative.

  • INSIGHT Development Program focuses on the core critical thinking skills and professional attributes that predict workplace success.  An extensive array of self-paced learning modules guide individuals toward the continued improvement of their reasoning using workplace examples together with a valid assessment of thinking mindset attributes and reasoning skills.

Then gather high quality, relevant OBJECTIVE data.

Make sure you will obtain high integrity data that can be the foundation of employee development plans.  You will need objective, affordable metrics on how prospective employees will perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations. (for more info on how to choose a thinking assessment).

INSIGHT Development Program includes the use of industry leading Insight Assessment testing instruments to measure employee thinking.  Individual and group report options provide comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses on 5 critical thinking skills and 10 essential mindset attributes that are characteristic of contributing members of a team.

  • INSIGHT assessments of individual employee thinking have a proven record of reliability and meet statistical requirements of validity. Assessments are administered via our secure, encrypted online interface available 24-7, easily administered at single or multiple sites, at test centers, to groups & to individuals.  Results will be delivered to you quickly and confidentially.
    • Bonus Hint: Learn from your best : Start by measuring the skills and mindsets of your high performers; find out what makes them excel. Once you identify the core reasoning characteristics that you need throughout your organization, you can establish benchmarks for hiring and talent development.

Evaluate effectiveness

And of course, be sure to build in a plan to assess the effectiveness of your plans and initiatives. Comparing pre and post training data confirms training and program effectiveness. Insight Assessment testing specialists can help you optimize your assessment program to support your development plan goals.

Use it or lose it (time, money & motivation)! 

You must use the data to get value. Your employee development program should help your business create an integrated approach to improving thinking. Reports on strengths and weaknesses in critical business reasoning skills and mindset attributes are valuable when applied to:  

Be proactive.

Ultimately, employee development plans should help you maximize your most valuable resource--your employees, managers and leadership. Be proactive but make sure your actions are governed by  data and metrics.

  • Insight Assessment delivers the entire package: engaging self-paced thinking skills and mindset employee training modules and a secure online prescreening tool that delivers consistent objective metrics on the specific skills and the mindsets that will increase the quality of decision making throughout your organization. 

Start your plan now.

Contact us if you want to invest in training and development programs to improve the critical thinking skills that determine the quality of your products and services.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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