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Hire and Develop Fast Learners

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Before you invest time and money into training new hires, get the data you need to ensure you are hiring only the candidates with the greatest potential to succeed.

Are you tired of placing people who aren’t able to succeed in their new jobs?  Do new hires leave your company because they don’t have the skills or motivation to produce results? If you’re lucky, you figure it out quickly; if you’re not, then it costs you time and money each time employees can’t master new skills or responsibilities.

One of the most important factors in new hire success is the employee’s ability to learn new skills, new responsibilities and a new culture.  No matter how skilled an employee or candidate is, they will need to quickly learn more. Adding a measure of critical thinking skills to employee hiring procedures can provide the assurance that new members of your working team will have the ability to quickly interpret current practices and policies, accurately apply protocols, and evaluate their effectiveness within their scope of work.

INSIGHT will identify job candidates who have the ability to benefit from cross training in new skills.

INSIGHT Business Professional objectively measures the mindset attributes that drive individuals to persist until they get problems right and find solutions that work for you and your company.

You can hire fast learners who:

  • Have a strong desire to work well and to apply new knowledge
  • Will take an organized and systematic approach to problem solving
  • Are adaptable and flexible, ready to adapt to changing situations and responsibilities
  • Are motivated to learn and assume new responsibilities
  • Have the cognitive skills to apply new knowledge
  • Will continue to benefit from ongoing and cross trainings
  • Have the highest potential for advancement.

INSIGHT assessment tools deliver objective prescreening data to identify the talent you need. In fact, INSIGHT comprehensive individual reports describe each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in 5 key business decision skills and 10 components of thinking mindsets —calibrated to reflect what is needed to succeed in specific industries and responsibility levels. Group reports document team performance.

Don’t waste money training new staff who aren’t motivated to learn and work--or make you money.

Once you hire fast learners, you can expedite onboarding.  INSIGHT Development Program delivers the most comprehensive, effective, and well-established approach to strengthening employee decision-making and problem-solving available. INSIGHT Development Program integrates proven instructional modules that guide individuals toward the continued improvement of their reasoning using workplace examples, together with a valid INSIGHT assessment of thinking mindset attributes and reasoning skills. Designed to be used as independent study by employees, INSIGHT Development Program can also be incorporated into existing training programs.    

Contact us to find out how INSIGHT Business clients are integrating our easy to use, online, cost-effective tools into their Human Resources hiring and talent development processes .

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