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FAQs: Quality Improvement

INSIGHT Business assessment solutions target the comprehensive individual and/or group metrics companies need to improve the effectiveness of their staff.  

Here are some of the ways INSIGHT business clients use group thinking data:

Well-made decisions are needed at all levels of an organization.  Strong thinking skills predict on the professional success. Each INSIGHT assessment provides individual scores and group reports for both reasoning skills and thinking mindset.

Here are some of the ways INSIGHT clients use individual employee...

Getting your people to think of developing their skills and improving their awareness of the opportunities within your organization in order to apply those skills requires internal campaigns, transformational management and leadership practices.  

Each organization's culture of thinking requires a uniquely and strategically designed approach. The first step toward success is to assess the potential for strong analytic and conscie...

The positive critical thinking habit of endeavoring to think ahead to anticipate consequences can raise awareness of the importance of workplace safety initiatives.  Throughout this thought process individuals and organizations can create a safer organization.

Insight Assessment provides objective measures of the reasoning skills and core personal competencies that are required for workplace success. 

Many health care centers use Insight Assessment tools to focus on building employee critical thinking to improve clinical judgment skills and minimize error in the clinical setting. Strong critical thinking is integral to positive health care outcomes.

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Congratulations on making a commitment to improving thinking skills and mindset attributes in your company.

The quality of your employee thinking skills and mindset is the factor that most impacts your company (and employee) success. Improving the quality of decision-making at your company will require objective assessment and targeted training.

When strong decision-making skills are prioritized, potential is maximized and risks are reduced.

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Yes. Comprehensive loss prevention programs must not only address rules and regulations. They must also focus on hiring/developing employees who value honesty and on creating a positive business culture.  INSIGHT can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your staff. 

Many of our clients initiat...

You can teach an employee what to do, but only they can apply themselves to do it well. Our tools assist employers train, promote and select staff with a desire to satisfy the customer.

Yes. Technical support depends not only on technical knowledge, but  also on problem solving skills and a positive customer service orientation.  Our  INSIGHT measurement tools can assist your organization in identifying those persons for your technical support staff who bring together the optimal c...

In situations where employee theft cannot be easily monitored, employers gain a competitive edge by using INSIGHT Business Staff and INSIGHT Support to assess honesty in prospective employees.<...

Using our testing instruments an organization can gather base line data on the initial level of critical thinking displayed by individuals and groups on entry to the program. Then, by post-testing the same individuals at the end of the program, one can identify the kinds and extents of the improvements in individuals and in the group. Comparisons can be made to

Yes.  Our senior consultants and instrument design specialists can work with you to develop assessment tools to gather information on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of current and proposed policies, identify and implement alternative policy approaches, and assess the impact of the chances. 

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