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FAQs: Reports, Data and Scores

All purchases of tests from Insight Assessment include a presentation ready report, documenting individual  test taker's scores and group descriptive statistics. 

        The Assessment Report package includes: 

Customized Assessment Reports provide options for you to enhance your results package with additional analyses, graphics, and interpretative text discussing your scores in relationship to your particular goals and objective.

        Customized Analytic and Report Options include:

  • The Assessment Report package, PLUS:
    • Custom r...

The purchase of all Insight Assessment test instruments includes the Assessment Reports package which includes the score of each scale on the test and basic descriptive group statistics, namely mean, median, high score, low score, standard deviation, and the like.  Clients who administer online assessments can opt to give each test-taker an

These can be sent to your email address as soon as the test is completed, allowing you to make timely decisions about applicants or placement. They can also be retrieved at your convenience from your account in the online testing system. 

Online  test administrators decide whether test takers will see a one page printable report of their scores.

Often these comprehensive individual reports are withheld from applicants, but Insight Assessment clients are increasingly choosing the option of offering printable individual reports to students after the critical thinking testing is completed. They do this because they see that test takers find this information provides....

With online testing, each of your testing groups can be downloaded in spreadsheet form at any time, either by you or by one of our staff, depending on your elected service option. Paper and pencil testing scores are returned to you in spreadsheet form as well. 

Comparing two groups of test takers can be done using the spreadsheet reports included with every test purchase . Simply upload the spreadsheet data into your favorite statistics software package. Group comparison statistics are also a service offered to customers as an enhanced service option. Even if your datasets are many years old, contac...

As the client site administrator you have your own LOGIN and password which you can use any time to access information about your test takers, to monitor how your group is doing on the assignments you have made, to access test scores and download those scores for further analysis, or to make new assignments, add test takers, or manage your account in other ways.

Contact us or consult your User Guide if you need further information.

That decision is yours. If you wish to enable instant scoring, your test takers can know their individual results as soon as they complete taking the test. Or, if you prefer, you can gather the data on your whole group and share results with individuals when you think it is best.

Yes. The Insight Assessment testing system was designed to permit any number of tests to be given to any number of groups of test takers. If your employee questionnaire, student survey, research tool, or final exam is multiple choice or agree-disagree style, then it can be loaded into the Insight Assessment testing system. Contact us for further information.

Yes.  Our senior research associates include Ph.D. prepared individuals with many years of scientific research design and statistical analysis experience.  These individuals collaborate with our other professional staff on customized assessment reports for clients including a full range of statistical analytics.

Group comparisons can be analyzed statistically in a matched-pairs approach (which associates each individual’s posttest score with his or her pretest score) or, when the groups are not composed of exactly the same set of individuals, as aggregations of scores.  Both provide you with useful information. When possible, we recommend using the matched-pairs approach for pretest posttest comparisons. Contact Us to discuss how the da...

Definition of Percentile

‘Outlier’ is the term used to refer to a data point that is out of scale from the other data in the sample (and therefore possibly less valuable for describing the sample.  In the case of scores on the CCTST or other critical thinking skills tests at Insight Assessment, very high and very low scores are not simply outliers. These critical thinking skills tests are constructed to achieve accurate scores throughout the continuum. It is i...

CapScore™ is our paper and pencil testing scoring system. For each of our testing instruments available in paper and pencil format, there is a corresponding CapScore™ answer form that must be used to record your test takers' responses to the the test items. These forms must be sent back to the company for scoring and your results reports will be returned to you by email in spreadsheet form. 

This depends on the amount of jobs in the queue. Most often it is a week to 10 days. We guarantee within 15 working days; rush scoring is available at a fee. 

The California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI) is a cluster of independent scales, each reliable measures of an attribute. Early in this research program the CCTDI TOTAL score ( now the ...

All of the critical thinking skills instruments authored by the research team headed by Dr. Facione have a key result: OVERALL score (an holistic measure of the very complex construct critical thinking). Some confuse OVERALL score with the idea of a total score.

The OVERALL score for o...

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