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Why do teams fail and what to do about it?

Successful teams possess the ability to come at a problem from myriad directions to determine the best course of action.  Projects rarely fail due to technical gaps since the gap is usually recognizable even if the solution is complex.  

Many teams fail instead because elements of analytical thinking are missing from the group.

For example: 

  • If the team is risk averse, they may be reluctant to determine the solution that has the strongest likelihood of success, given information at hand  INSIGHT measures problem-solving in contexts of risks, ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • If the team lacks leadership, INSIGHT provides metrics to choose the right leader.
  • If the team is not detail oriented, it may lead to failure to correctly identify the significance and complexity of critical data elements. INSIGHT measures strength in problem analysis.
  • If the team is not a team, the perspectives and opinions of some team members may not be considered in the analysis of optimal solutions.  INSIGHT measures tolerance and professionalism.
  • If the team is close minded, they may fail to seek out innovation and system changes, settling on familiar solutions too soon. INSIGHT measures adaptability.
  • If the team is not inspired, they will flounder without individuals communicating enthusiasm and inspiring the team members to give their best. INSIGHT measures motivation and commitment.
  • If the team has weak thinking skills and lacks the drive to find solutions to problems, they cannot succeed.   INSIGHT Development Program provides a suite of training modules designed to improve essential critical thinking skills and mindset that characterize effective team members.
  • If the team lacks confidence, INSIGHT Development Program can give them ideas on how to approach the issues and build confidence.
  • INSIGHT Development Program includes assessment metrics that show team progress in strengthening key workplace skills.

Bottom line: the team fails to meet the goal. The team did not include the skills needed to contribute constructively to team problem solving and decision making.

Insight Assessment provides the tools your company needs to build effective teams.

INSIGHT Business is an array of assessment tools specifically designed to provide the metrics needed to create teams of people able to learn their jobs quickly and to perform successfully in situations requiring complex problem solving.  INSIGHT Development Program can be optionally integrated within your training program or implemented as a new tool INSIGHT delivers objective, reliable, statistically valid metrics about specific strengths and weaknesses in 5 essential thinking skills and 10 associated thinking mindsets that drive optimally productive and collaborative groups.

  • Many of our customers are assembling the team for critical projects only after assessing thinking skills and assuring that all aspects of analysis and a positive thinking mindset are present. Another approach is to assess the team post assembly to assure that the thinking skills and mindsets are sufficient to be successful. 
  • Some of our clients have even supplemented the team where necessary to optimize team performance.
  • Most clients include skills development options to strengthen areas of weakness.

Effective teams think well together.  Don't let your teams be limited by poor reasoning skills.  Contact us to start building your dream team using INSIGHT individual and group reports.

Good thinking is in demand. Download Critical Thinking Insight from your app store today:

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