Test Purpose

Critical thinking and quantitative reasoning in one assessment. Students possessing strength in critical thinking are better equipped to solve problems, to understand and to integrate content material, and to achieve in school. Success in middle school years requires students to understand and apply increasingly sophisticated concepts and information. Middle school instruction is important because core reasoning skills can be developed or can fail to blossom depending on the quality of the instruction.  The more students are supported and challenged to exercise their core critical thinking skills, the stronger these skills become.

EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 is an objective measure of critical thinking skills and quantitative reasoning at the middle school level. Comprehensive reports provide important individual and group diagnostics. Quick, easy to administer, this assessment delivers results that are locally relevant immediately.  Given at the beginning and/or end of the school year, reports provide metrics that are used to:

  • Strengthen support programs:  Identify and provide input about individual students needing more support so that optimal individualized instruction and learning strategies can be developed
  • Target classroom curriculum and activities: obtain the relevant, objective group data that teachers need to incorporate necessary reasoning skills into class work, reading instruction and curriculum. 
  • Improve critical thinking outcomes: Evaluate the effectiveness of curricular programs, instructional approaches and educational materials in fostering critical thinking skills; strategically scaffold learning outcomes by building on successes at earlier grade levels.
  • Support skills development: ensure that students are developing reasoning skills necessary for academic success
  • Leverage accreditation and school improvement data: Improve critical thinking outcomes by evaluating the effectiveness of curricular programs, instructional approaches and educational materials in fostering critical thinking learning
  • Assess effectiveness of enrichment programs: Document the effectiveness and outcomes achievement of after school programs, tutors, community based programs, lifelong learning programs as well as educational programs for disadvantaged youth
  • Promote school/home partnership; comprehensive individual reports documenting their student’s problem solving strengths and weaknesses can help engage parents in student support activities

Test Overview


Children, adolescents and adults alike need to be able to think critically about the mathematical and numerical information that surrounds them in the media, on the Internet, in schools and workplaces, and in society at large.  Fostering the development of overall critical thinking skills at this level pays off across the curriculum and in the future workplace. EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 provides age-appropriate items that use comfortable, everyday, common sense topics and vocabulary to engage the test-taker in applying his or her critical thinking skills.  Every question is familiar, relevant and provides all necessary content to isolate thinking process.  The assessment is timed for 45 minutes which permits maximum performance within the range of possible effort for the intended test-taker group.

Scale Scores Reported

EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 provides an Overall Reasoning score, and scores on five critical thinking skills that are vital for educational success: analysis, evaluation, inference, induction and deduction. An additional valuable scale is measured:  Numeracy .

Test Administration

Insight Assessment offers a full service assessment solution, providing the industry’s most complete and cost-effective array of flexible testing options including app and browser based online administration as well as the traditional paper and pencil method. Secure, encrypted online testing is available 24x7x365 on our multilingual delivery options.  An in-app tutorial makes navigation easy. Tests are available directly at your site or multiple sites, at test centers or to individuals. Clients are able to select and offer their test takers one or more of the testing methods which are suitable for their specific test environments and needs. Insight Assessment testing specialists will work directly with your in-house technology representative during set-up to ensure a smooth solution.

Recommended Companion Assessment

Engaging problems and making decisions using critical thinking involves both skills and habits of mind. For a complete assessment of a test taker's critical thinking, it is recommended both skills and dispositions be measured. Using companion assessments results in a comprehensive measurement of whether a test taker is ‘willing and able’ to think well. We recommend that EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 be taken in conjunction with the EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset Grades 6-12 .


EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades K-2 is a member of the EDUCATE INSIGHT comprehensive thinking assessment program for K-12 students. The metrics delivered by these thinking skills and mindset assessments provide relevant, objective input for teachers in the classroom, for school improvement and accreditation reports. Use of the EDUCATE INSIGHT series makes possible reliable multi-year tracking of individual and group performance statistics as students progress through K-12 education. The EDUCATE INSIGHT series is specially designed for children ages K-12 from all areas and backgrounds. Our client relations specialists will help you determine the optimal tools for your objectives.

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