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Quant Q: Measure Quantitative Reasoning

Quant Q: Measure Quantitative Reasoning

Quant Q

The Quant-Q is an objective measure of quantitative reasoning skills for use with adolescents and adults in all educational and employment contexts where the demonstrated ability to apply quantitative reasoning is valued.

Quant Q Purpose

Success in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines requires strong quantitative reasoning skills. The Quant-Q targets reasoning skills in relation to quantitative problems. The instrument is designed to measure one's ability to think beyond the calculations themselves in order to reason to the proper applications of those calculations.

The Quant-Q is ideal for:

  • Selective college preparatory schools
  • Colleges and universities

Quant Q Overview

The Quant-Q is a scientifically developed measure of cognitive ability that is designed for use in a 50 minute time frame. Programs in mathematics, economics, statistics, the physical and biological sciences, engineering, computer science, architecture, and business find the Quant-Q particularly useful. 

Scales Reported

The Quant Q provides five measurements of quantitative reasoning skills: Pattern Recognition, Probability Combinatorics, Out-of-the-Box Algebra, Geometry and Optimization and Quant Q Overall

Test Administration

Insight Assessment offers a full service assessment solution, providing the industry‚Äôs most complete and cost-effective array of flexible testing options including app and browser based online administration as well as the traditional paper and pencil method. Secure, encrypted online testing is available 24x7x365 on our multilingual delivery options.  An in-app tutorial makes navigation easy. Tests are available directly at your site or multiple sites, at test centers or to individuals. Clients are able to select and offer their test takers one or more of the testing methods which are suitable for their specific test environments and needs. Insight Assessment testing specialists will work directly with your in-house technology representative during set-up to ensure a smooth solution.

Quant Q Scales

Quant Q

The Quant Q provides five measurements of quantitative reasoning skills.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is the skill of recognizing meaningful patterns, progressions, functions, similarities and differences in sequences of objects, letters or numbers.  Code breaking is one application of pattern recognition.

Probability Combinatorics

Combinatorics focuses on determining the number of different possible arrangements of objects within a finite set, e.g. how many ways can six people arrange themselves around the dinner table?  Logical analyses that use combinatorics, along with the ability to estimate probabilities based on proportionality, are the basic building blocks for solving statistical inference problems.

Out-of-the-Box Algebra

Out-of-the-box mathematical thinking is the ability to come up with elegant solutions to algebraic and arithmetic problems that might otherwise seem long and arduous.  While problems of this kind may be solved with brute force techniques, time-limited contexts often render exhaustive calculations impractical.

Geometry and Optimization

Spatial geometry optimization is the extent to which a person uses his or her basic understanding of geometry and the properties of triangles and circles to solve problems relating to physical spaces.

Quant Q - Overall

The Quant Q Overall score represents overall skill in reasoning through quantitative and mathematical problems.

Quant Q Comparison Percentiles

Quant Q

Individual and group scores are provided for all Insight Individual and group scores are provided for all Insight Assessment test takers. Different groups of test takers have very different performance levels and therefore their scores differ quite a bit on scientifically developed measures of cognitive ability. It is important to understand how your group of test takers compares to selected external comparison groups, for example, the population of comparable regional or national peer groups.
The reports for each Insight Assessment critical thinking skills test instrument provide scores that can be benchmarked against a variety of external comparison groups so that our clients are able to evaluate the scores of individual test takers or of their entire group.  If you do not see what you are specifically looking for, contact us to discuss your needs with a testing specialist.

Quant Q Comparison Percentiles

  • High School Students
  • College Students

Quant Q Reports

Quant Q

The QUANT Q has been designed to deliver high quality objective metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of key aspects of thinking. 

QUANT Q reports deliver individual and group results in a presentation ready format.   Each report includes a wide range of statistical and demographic information about individuals and/or test-taker groups. Test-taker scores and group summaries are presented with interpretative analysis by Insight Assessment measurement scientists.

The QUANT Q measures and reports on five quantitative reasoning skills: Pattern Recognition, Probability Combinatorics, Out-of-the-Box Algebra, Geometry and Optimization plus Quant Q - Overall.

        The Assessment Report package includes: 

  • Insight Assessment individual reports
    Individual test-taker analytics :
    • an overall score of thinking ability (Overall Score) 
    • a categorical interpretation of the strength of the Overall Score  and scale scores
    • a norm-referenced percentile ranking (applicable to skills assessments only)
    • scale scores to indicate which of the skills areas are particularly strong and which are weaker and require training attention.
    • test administrators control whether test-takers receive their individual results after testing
  • For customers who are testing groups:
    • descriptive statistics and presentation ready graphic representation of the average Overall score and scale scores for the group
      Images from Insight Assessment Group Reports
    • descriptive graphics and representations including  size of the group, mean, median, standard deviation, standard error of the mean, lowest score, highest score, first quartile score and third quartile score. See video about interpreting group report histograms
    • descriptive statistics of the demographic characteristics of the test-taker group (if collected )
    • the average percentile of  group as compared to a pre-selected external norm group (applicable to skills assessments only). For more information on norm-referenced scores
    • Electronic data files spreadsheet with all scale scores and demographic responses
  • Test Manual which includes chapters on interpreting individual and group test-taker scores using our 4-Step Process.

Insight Assessment clients depend on the comprehensive data and analysis in a QUANT Q report to provide the insights needed to achieve their assessment goals.  Clients are currently using individual data for professional development, student or in placement, hiring, advising, competency training. Group data is being used for new cohort assessment, outcomes assessment, demonstrating the quality of an educational or training program, demonstrating group proficiency, staff development, admissions and more.

Clients can customize their results package with additional analyses, graphics and interpretative text discussing your scores in relationship to your particular goals and objectives. For further information, see Insight Assessment Reports and Analytics .

Preview This Assessment

As a qualified purchaser, if you are not familiar with the assessment instrument or the use of our online system, we offer the option of purchasing a preview of the assessment experience.  A preview provides you with one or more opportunities to view and experience the assessment from the perspective of the individual being assessed and to see the reporting options.  Your account representative will set up your preview of the instrument, delivered using our mobile app, on mobile devices or on computers. The preview includes the profile page, an example of the assessment itself, and an example of the individual report that will be provided at completion of the assessment.   

Each preview also includes a digital copy of the user manual and resource guide for the specific instrument you are viewing.  User manuals provide:

  • a brief description of each metric being assessed by the instrument  
  • a description of how to interpret both individual and group assessment results
  • a discussion of validity and reliability for the measures 
  • all necessary information about administration of the assessment
  • many additional resources that we hope you will find useful for designing your assessment project

 Contact us to order a preview now, or receive your preview when you place your first order for assessments.

Quant Q Translations

Insight Assessment critical thinking tests available in Arabic, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish & Vietnamese translations

Authorized translations of the Quant Q are available in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English

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