INSIGHT Business Staff

INSIGHT Business Staff

‘NSIGHT Business Staff’ words in blue and red - name of a product that assesses workplace problem-solving skills and work ethic

Assessments for implementing company goals

Discover the people who have the work ethic and workplace problem solving skills needed for customer satisfaction and project success

Ready for new or additional responsibilities

INSIGHT Business Staff has been calibrated to measure the job-related judgment skills of permanent, experienced and trusted staff, accountable to their team or with access to key technology or machinery. These staff members are expected to be able to do what it takes to accomplish their assigned tasks.

Business Staff Work Ethic Attributes
  • What personal habits of mind do test takers bring their work? How do they choose to apply their problem solving abilities? INSIGHT Business Staff presents business situations that require test takers to make personal decisions based on their experience, beliefs, preferences and attitudes in the context of what’s best for the team.  Questions have been designed to measure the mental disciplines that impact how individual judgments are made. INSIGHT Business Staff helps identify individuals who exhibit honesty, dependability, professionalism, job commitment, desire to work, desire to learn, desire to think, workplace safety, workplace tolerance, workplace flexibility in their problem-solving.
  • Time Allowed: 25 minutes          
  • Format: short “Agree-Disagree” style items 
Business Staff Problem Solving Skills
  • INSIGHT Business Staff presents everyday scenarios which require staff to understand business situations, keep details in proportion and focus on elements of the work that matter. Problems require anticipating the needs of clients, interpreting understanding numerical information and contributing to team problem solving.
  • Time Allowed: 50 minutes
  • Format: workplace oriented scenario based multiple choice questions requiring core reasoning skills vital for sound judgment in the workplace.

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INSIGHT Business Staff is a member of the INSIGHT Business suite which includes Executive, Professional, Staff and Support level assessments. The  INSIGHT suite offers specialized Health, First Responder, Educator, Science and Engineering, Law/Government and Defense assessments.

INSIGHT Business Staff Metrics


Recruit a core staff with the work ethic and job related judgment skills needed for customer satisfaction and project success.

The metrics reported on INSIGHT Business Staff have been calibrated to measure work ethic and job-related judgment skills.  Based on responses, we identify how decisions were made and measure the application of reasoning skills. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly reported for each following key aspects:

Business Staff Work Ethic

  • Desire to Think: sees the value of thinking things through before making decisions and when resolving customer and workplace problems
  • Job Commitment: is loyally oriented to the job, company goals and mission
  • Honesty: respects other people's property, follows rules, keeps promises, and speaks truthfully.  
  • Workplace Safety: values workplace safety rules and precautions for personal and co-worker safety, avoiding unnecessary risks
  • Professionalism: takes an appropriate approach to social interactions at work; maintains focus on work responsibilities
  • Desire to Work: eagerly engages and  focuses energy on accomplishing tasks; takes pride in work
  • Workplace Tolerance: respects diversity in the workplace, including showing due respect for different perspectives, opinions and suggestions 
  • Workplace Flexibility: is resilient, able to welcome and adapt to changing workplace situations and the application of new or different skills
  • Desire to Learn: is eager to learn new processes, new systems and new procedures in light of changing work responsibilities
  • Dependability: has a strong work ethic, being motivated to complete assigned tasks well, taking pride in the accomplishment of work assignments

 Business Staff Problem Solving Skills

  • Situation Comprehension: the ability to understand business situations, to keep details in proportion, and to focus on the elements of the work that matter.  Staff members with strong analytical and interpretive skills contribute to team productivity and efficiency.
  • Evaluating Choices:  the ability to differentiate the quality of different possible choices and to explain the reasons behind that evaluation. Successful problem solvers offer sound opinions and provide good reasons for their thought process.
  • Anticipating Outcomes: the ability to anticipate logical consequences and outcomes of actions and decisions. Strong skills enable staff to contribute to team problem solving, to anticipate the needs of clients and customers and to offer suggestions which can help an organization deliver its products and services more effectively and efficiently
  • Numeric Literacy: the ability to perform well when vital information is presented in charts, graphs, text or tables. Numeric literacy is essential in today's workplace, but particularly for those whose work involves sales, budgets, invoicing, payables, receivables, or responding to customer questions about any of these concerns.
  • OVERALL Workplace Problem Solving Skillsthe integration of thinking and reasoning skills needed to address workplace situations requiring practical problem solving. staff.skills staff.mindset

Measure work ethic and problem solving skills needed to meet company goals




INSIGHT Reports and Analysis


What do you get? Results you can use.

All INSIGHT solutions feature customized professional assessments and easy to read, easy to use comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of key aspects of decision making.

Employee assessments include INSIGHT Business, INSIGHT Health, INSIGHT Law, INSIGHT First Responder, INSIGHT Defense, INSIGHT Educator and INSIGHT Science and Engineering.   INSIGHT Development Program offers a series of online thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules with accompanying exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools. 

Clear concise reports provide the reliable analysis you need for hiring, promoting, training and future planning. Printable INDIVIDUAL REPORTS document strengths and areas for growth for 15 key thinking skill and mindset metrics.

For each individual you will know:

  • Overall score: You will know if the total numeric score indicates Superior, Strong, Moderate skills at this level-- or if the skills were Not Manifested.
  • Did the individual candidate demonstrate core reasoning skills in the required decision making domains?  Reports explain each of the key aspects of decision making and how it impacts success. At a glance, you’ll see a qualitative rating (Superior, Strong skills, Moderate, or Not Manifested) for each skill or attribute. 
  • Numerical scores and recommended performance assessments reported reflect the extent to which the person being assessed manifested a given skill or attribute.  The recommended performance assessments (qualitative scores) reported are always relative to the level of the INSIGHT assessment instrument: Executive, Professional, Staff or Support .

Group Report Options:

  • Group reports can be requested at any time as an additional service.  Group reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts on each INSIGHT metric. These reports have many uses including guiding employee development initiatives over time, comparing different groups engaged in similar tasks at a given organizational level or aiding in the establishment of threshold skill levels to qualify candidates for interviews.

Thinking Skills and Mindset

  • INSIGHT assessments include two sets of evaluations;  Section 1 assesses 10 aspects of the business employee mindset. Section 2 assesses 5 decision making skills plus the overall numeric score. The multi-level scales  on INSIGHT products have been rigorously calibrated to show how applicants apply their reasoning skills to job-related situations.

Fast Results.  

  • INSIGHT assessments are available whenever needed 24/7. Upon completion of the assessment, we can have results sent directly to you or your authorized representative.

Options. You tell us what data you need:

  • Do you want to show your top performers?
  • Do you want group statistics, group graphics, ratings within assigned groups?
  • Do you want periodic reports summarizing results?
  • Do you want the individual to see or receive a copy of the report directly?
  • Do you want to benchmark your results against national norms?

Confidence in your results:

INSIGHT is the culmination of Insight Assessment’s 30 years of experience in high impact measurement of reasoning.  Worldwide clients rely on our comprehensive range of assessment products to provide the data they need to make important objective decisions about hiring, admissions, licensing, curriculum, program development and more.

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INSIGHT Client Services

Complete Start-to-Finish Solutions to Maximizing Employee Decision-making Skills   

INSIGHT is designed to help you hire, develop and retain the strong thinkers who will move your enterprise forward. INSIGHT Development Program is an online training program to build employee thinking skills and mindset characteristics. INSIGHT assessments identify strengths and weaknesses in individual and/or group thinking skills and mindset.

Insight Assessment is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. For over 30 years we have been providing superior assessment solutions; our business model is based on doing what we do best so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best.

When you become an INSIGHT client, you can depend on us to manage the process from account setup and support to quick and confidential delivery of results.

Our customer service is based on these four cornerstones:

  1. Comprehensive Initial Consultation. We want to know who, how, why and what you want to accomplish.  By evaluating your organization's unique objectives we will recommend the INSIGHT solution that best fulfills your business objectives.   Our experts will also discuss logistics and product access options.  We want to answer all your questions.
  2. Ease of Test Administration. INSIGHT assessments and training modules are delivered 24-7 via our secure, encrypted online multilingual interface.  Assessments are available directly at your site or multiple sites, at test centers or to individuals.  Our app and browser based systems can also deliver our products throughout your systems. INSIGHT Development Program online training modules are available on a secure exclusive website. The flexible structure permits employees to work at their own pace determining time on task and progress. Insight Assessment manages logins/passwords, assignments; all you need to do is tell us when and how many individuals you will be testing or training. Tech support is available 24/7.
  3. Fast Assessment Results Delivery.  Within minutes of test completion, Insight Assessment will deliver a comprehensive PDF report of individual thinking skills scores to your designated representative. Results can also be optionally displayed to the test taker immediately following the test. Summary group and subgroup reports will be sent to your mailbox. Internal reports and board ready presentations include data, custom designed analyses, documentation and presentation-ready graphics.
  4. Ease of Purchase .  Pricing is based on products selected and the number of tests submitted for scoring. Minimum order requirements apply. After initial prepaid order, clients may opt to prepay for future testing or to pay only for tests used by electing to be invoiced monthly for the number of tests used.  Other custom arrangements are available upon request.
Our business goal is to give you the means to improve the quality of critical thinking worldwide. Every step of our full-service process, from purchase and adoption through product delivery and reporting, has been designed to ensure that you get the solution you need to realize high standards for improving decision making throughout your company. 

Contact us to get started.

Preview This Assessment

As a qualified purchaser, if you are not familiar with the assessment instrument or the use of our online system, we offer the option of purchasing a preview of the assessment experience.  A preview provides you with one or more opportunities to view and experience the assessment from the perspective of the individual being assessed and to see the reporting options.  Your account representative will set up your preview of the instrument, delivered using our mobile app, on mobile devices or on computers. The preview includes the profile page, an example of the assessment itself, and an example of the individual report that will be provided at completion of the assessment.   

Each preview also includes a digital copy of the user manual and resource guide for the specific instrument you are viewing.  User manuals provide:

  • a brief description of each metric being assessed by the instrument  
  • a description of how to interpret both individual and group assessment results
  • a discussion of validity and reliability for the measures 
  • all necessary information about administration of the assessment
  • many additional resources that we hope you will find useful for designing your assessment project

 Contact us to order a preview now, or receive your preview when you place your first order for assessments.

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