INSIGHT Business Professional

Assessments for operational team leaders

Target highly skilled individuals with the professional mindset and problem solving skills to achieve company goals.

Business Professional Growth

Recruit, hire and promote a leadership support team with skills and drive to excel. INSIGHT Business Professional is an essential tool for the growth and ongoing strength of your organization. INSIGHT Business Professional applied to key professionals will enable your leadership to be confident that company strategies are implemented in the best possible way with the resources at hand. Correct assessments of talent available or lacking will be obvious. Used in recruiting efforts, INSIGHT Business Professional will identify candidates that “fit” into the culture or address the “new” need.

Talent spotting and skills development

INSIGHT Business Professional has been calibrated to measure the business problem solving skills of middle level leadership and highly skilled staff members who are accountable to senior management. These operational team leaders manage key operations, supervise staff and are authorized to create initiatives to satisfy company objectives.

Business Professional Mindset
  • The most successful business professionals are judicious, committed, honorable, foresightful, professional, focused, tolerant, adaptable, resourceful and motivational in their decision-making. To determine whether a person manifests these important attributes INSIGHT Business Professional surveys the person’s beliefs and attitudes.  The person’s responses are gathered, sorted, and scored to produce a profile of the thinking mindset with which the person approaches problem solving and decision making. Each mindset attribute is then characterized as not-manifested, positive, or strongly positive.
  • Time required: 30 minutes          
  • Format: short “Agree-disagree” style items 
Business Professional Reasoning Skills
  • High-stakes situations require critically important tactical and strategic decisions every day.  INSIGHT Business Professional provides an assessment of overall strength of thinking skills. Using workplace related business scenarios, questions on the skills portion of the INSIGHT Business Professional challenge test takers to apply their thinking skills. The scenarios provide the context and the vital information needed to reason to the best option. The skills evaluated, in addition to an overall rating, are specific skills in analyzing situations, determining impacts, projecting outcomes, evaluating options, and explaining reasons.
  • Time Allowed:  50 minutes
  • Format:  business oriented scenario based multiple choice questions requiring application of the core problem solving skills associated with strong business professional level reasoning.
INSIGHT Business Professional está disponible en español.

INSIGHT Business Professional is a member of the INSIGHT Business suite which also includes assessments calibrated for business employees at the Executive, Staff and Support level.  INSIGHT features additional customized professional level assessments: INSIGHT Health Professional , INSIGHT Educator Professional INSIGHT Law Professional , INSIGHT First Responder , INSIGHT Defense Professional and INSIGHT Science and Engineering Professional

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