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Individual Critical Thinking Reports for Students

Insight Assessment individual reports

Optimize your assessment program—engage your students by providing individual reports.

Insight Assessment education clients are increasingly choosing the option of offering printable individual reports to students after critical thinking testing is completed. Individual reports help students see why critical thinking is important to them--and why the assessment is important for their future. It’s a win/win situation when students are motivated to engage in the assessment process.

  • Engaged students are motivated to take assessments seriously because they see the personal value of good performance.
  • Graduating students value the marketplace advantage they gain by having objective documentation of their critical thinking skills. 
  • Business and government agency clients tell us that they value the assessment of critical thinking for two reasons: first, to identify candidates with the mindset and reasoning skills to transition quickly into successful employees, and, second, to identify hires they can trust to resolve problems and manage risk.

Insight Assessment individual reports document specific strengths and weaknesses in critical thinking skills or mindset attributes. Scale descriptions define each element being measured and why it is important. Numeric scores and categorical rankings are reported for key components of critical thinking skill or mindset.  Percentile comparisons to national norms are reported for critical thinking skills.

Students value this objective personal critical thinking analysis. They (and often parents) find the analysis provided in the personal assessments extremely useful as they prepare for their future careers:

  • To make a realistic assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses in specific components of critical thinking based on the norm-referenced percentile scores.
  • To understand how these skills and weaknesses impact the quality of their problem solving and decision making.
  • To realize the value of improving their reasoning and how they can become a more effective person by improving thinking and problem solving.
  • To identify and target specific areas for improvement.
  • To gain insights into what types of courses and programs will benefit them.
  • To add to their portfolio to serve as a credential that provides prospective employers with an objective indicator of the candidate’s thinking skills.  

Well-designed assessment programs provide multidimensional benefits. Both  group data and individual data are essential metrics for program success.

Insight Assessment critical thinking test instruments are used throughout the world. Contact us to discuss how providing individual reports or customized metrics to test takers will benefit your students as well as your overall assessment program.

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