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HR Challenge: How to Improve Employee Thinking

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Critical thinking training and development 

The quality of your products and services ultimately depends on the mindset and decision-making skills of your employees. Strong thinkers make fewer mistakes, understand the importance of policies and drive innovation.

Do you need to fill a thinking quality gap? Whether you call it problem solving, decision-making, risk analysis or solution identification, it is a challenge to identify effective ways to improve the thinking skills of employees. Solutions that include engaging high-quality content, affordability, easy implementation and built in evaluation are difficult to find.

Training program to improve thinking skills 

You need a cost-effective, user friendly training program to improve the quality of employee thinking skill.

INSIGHT Development Program is designed to build critical thinking in teams as well as in individuals.  Online training modules help employers strengthen critical thinking skills and positive thinking mindset at every level. These modules can be offered as self-teaching or to supplement existing training programs.

Insight Assessment researchers have been leaders in the critical thinking field since the 1990s.  Our critical thinking assessments are used globally.   As part of our commitment to improving thinking worldwide, we developed a range of training resources.  Insight Assessment consultants have been using this material in our workshops for decades. We now offer the “tried and true” INSIGHT Development Program in self-learning module form.

11 reasons to choose INSIGHT Development Program

Why is INSIGHT Development program a superior training tool? 

  1. It is a cost-effective, validated self-paced program designed to improve thinking quality of individuals and teams.
  2. The training is based on recognized definitions of essential core critical thinking skills and mindset attributes required for success in business, professional and personal life.
  3. The online program is available 24/7 worldwide as an independent study by employees.
  4. The suite of modules focuses on the real-world application of specific of thinking skills and mindset in the workplace.
  5. Modules utilize practical, real life situations to illustrate the importance of specific skills and mindsets in personal and professional life. Common reasoning weaknesses are identified.
  6. INSIGHT Development Program features a unique integration of assessment and development.  An analysis of skills and mindset attributes using our industry leading assessments is included for each trainee.
  7. Validated metrics permit validation of the success of the training program. Trainees receive the opportunity to focus on self -improvement in skills they personally value.
  8. Complementary assessments can be used as a pretest to identify areas of strength and target areas needing improvement. Assessments can also be used as a posttest to validate improvement after training is completed. If both pretest and posttest is desired, an additional assessment can be purchased.
  9. Training can be offered in voluntary or by assignment mode.
  10. Secure access to assessments is facilitated by Insight Assessment  
  11. Skilled assessment specialists can help you integrate INSIGHT Development Program into HR processes. Professional development, quality improvement, talent development and team-building programs all benefit from focus on better reasoning skills.
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Invest in training employee thinking skills 

Company success depends on your team being able to identify opportunities and move forward confidently. But before you can trust employees to solve problems, you need to be sure that they will make the right decisions to grow your company. 

You need to know:

  • The strength of the thinking skills your employees bring to problem solving
  • Whether they have the motivation and focus to determine the optimal solution
  • How to build stronger decision-making in your teams

Call us at 650-697-5628 to gain the benefits of integrating thinking training into your employee development programs.


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