A Look across Four Years at the Disposition toward Critical Thinking Among Undergraduate Students PDF

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(26 pages) Giancarlo (Gittens), CA., and Facione PA., Journal of General Education, Volume 50, Number 1, pp. 29-55. [PDF of this article made available with the permission of the publisher. See journal front-matter for information on copy costs.]

Abstract:This article examines the critical thinking (CT) dispositions, as measured by the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory, of students at a four-year, private, liberal arts, comprehensive university. This paper follows up results first published in 1995. The present findings represent another snapshot of CT dispositions among students who participated in 1996 and during the original investigation in 1992. Longitudinal results about students tested as freshman in 1992 and again as seniors in 1996 are presented. Cross sectional results are reported as well. Questions explored include the relationship between the disposition toward critical thinking, as measured by the CCTDI, and students’ major, gender, class level, and grade point average.

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