Attract the best talent in a tough recruiting market

How to attract the best employees? Engage them by offering professional development to improve their critical thinking skills and motivation.
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Make your company stand out to prospective hires

The best talent are serious, career minded individuals.  These candidates are finding multiple job options in today’s market. How do you make your company stand out to these quality applicants?

Your interview process can demonstrate a focus on thinking skills to differentiate your company.

Engage candidates with your commitment to strong decision-making skills

Strong training opportunities help businesses attract and retain talented individuals. Whether you call it problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, risk analysis, solution identification, now is a good time to spotlight your investment in improving the thinking skills of your employees.

Let them know you only hire and promote the best thinkers.  

Strong candidates are eager to showcase their decision-making abilities.  Tell them that success in your company requires critically important tactical and strategic decisions every day.

Prior to hiring them, engage candidates with thinking challenges. Entice them with a chance to show their stuff.  Some of the best talent are intrigued with opportunities to test their abilities.  They’re not looking for routine jobs; they want meaningful work that requires them to tackle complex problems. These are precisely the professionals and innovators you need to identify and hire.

Offer the opportunity to demonstrate how they use their analytical skills to interpret data, evaluate options, identify risks and provide solutions.  Ask if they have the core thinking mindset attributes that predict workplace success like work ethic, integrity and focus.

  • The INSIGHT series offers challenging critical thinking assessments that target these essential skills and attributes.  Specializations include business, education, science & engineering, health science, law, military; each assessment challenge individuals to apply their problem-solving skills to make decisions based in real-world workplace scenarios. Individual reports document strengths and weaknesses in core components of strong thinking.

Give them opportunities for skills development

Strong training opportunities help businesses attract and retain talented individuals. Millennials especially value development and opportunities to learn.

Let them know that your commitment to excellence in decision-making is backed by serious personal training to improve the skills.  Let candidates know you want to invest in relevant productive professional development that builds capabilities for the long term success of individuals, team and the business. Use their individual report to discuss their skills.

  • INSIGHT Development Program features a unique self-paced integration of assessment and development.  An analysis of skills and mindset attributes using our industry leading assessments is included for each trainee.  Each training module focuses on aspects of thinking skills or attributes that are relevant for personal and professional improvement. Training modules interesting, flexible and easy for employees to access at times of their choosing.  Improvement in targeted skills and attributes will impact job performance.
  • Be sure to make individual skills assessment and self-paced training available to your current employees. Make strong thinking essential throughout your team.

Contact us if you want to showcase your company’s commitment to excellence in decision-making and get the objective data you need to confidently hire people with the drive to succeed in your company.

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