Business Schools Depend on Critical Thinking Data

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The development of student critical thinking skills has become integral to business curricula.

Employers know that poor thinking and weak problem solving can cost clients, time, revenue and opportunities. The bottom line depends on the ability of all personnel to skillfully evaluate information, assess opportunity costs and benefits, and develop well planned strategies that deliver results.

The training of these critical thinking skills has become an increasing focus of business curricula and assessment.

Strong business schools strive to identify and enroll the best applicants, and then to educate them to be the best job candidates upon graduation.

That’s why Deans of Business Schools depend on data from Insight Assessment’s business thinking skills and mindset tools for:

  • Admissions: Identify the most sought after applicants – those who have the strongest reasoning skills and the desire to apply those skills in their business education program – and then to validate the gains in core thinking skills and growth in professionalism during their business education.
  • Program improvement: Assess incoming cohorts, guide curriculum development and document exiting students’ achievement of critical thinking learning outcomes. Data generated by these tools support selective admissions, accreditation, research, assessment and program evaluation purposes.
  • Accreditation: Respond to AACSB and ACBSP standards by capturing evidence of your students’ critical thinking skills tools that present case-based scenarios in objective, valid and reliable standardized measures.
  • Exit data: Document exiting students’ achievement of critical thinking learning outcomes
  • Benchmark your graduating students against national norms that best fit your program: two-year undergraduate, four-year undergraduate, graduate or elite.
  • Transfer student success: Assess the reasoning potential and motivation of community college or certificate program graduates.
  • Work Ethic assessment: Guide students toward a stronger professional work ethic with evaluation of their business mindset attributes.

Insight Assessment business solutions are calibrated for college and graduate level students.

Each tool presents case-based scenarios in objective, valid and reliable standardized measures. Comprehensive objective individual and group data support admissions, accreditation, research, assessment and program evaluation purposes.

  • Business Critical Thinking Skills Test: THINKING SKILLS: College and graduate level business students
  • College Student Success: THINKING SKILLS: First year undergraduate, college level transfers and adult re-entry students
  • BRT: THINKING SKILLS: Business and workplace related fields and disciplines at Community and technical college assessment.
  • INSIGHT Development Program: online thinking skills and mindset enrichment modules with accompanying exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.

Insight Assessment services include multiple language testing; results pushed directly to admissions staff; global online administration;  AACSB and ACBSP benchmarks, and more.

Contact us to preview our validated objective assessments.


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