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Are your consultants able to solve your problems? Is the company known for the quality of its high stakes thinking?  Demand more. Your business model is based on expertise in problem solving; success rests in the strength of your staff and contractors’ analytic and problem solving skills. Finding the best candidates for the job is a reliable outcome for search firms and executive development clients who depend on the data delivered by Insight Assessment test instruments.

INSIGHT Business Professional is the cost-effective but essential tool that can drive business strategies and marketing. Companies that sell themselves as answer providers need to be sure that each of their employees or contractors demonstrate the strongest reasoning skills and mindset. INSIGHT Business Professional provides objective measurements of 5 key business decision skills and 10 core thinking mindsets.

Good thinking is foundation of all business solutions; INSIGHT Business Professional metrics provide reliable, quantitative data for complex decisions and can be incorporated into many business processes such as:

  • prescreening job candidates

  • creating effective training programs that focus on identified needs

  • process improvement and efficiency studies

  • talent acquisition

  • strategic planning  

  • resource identification

  • identifying areas of corporate strength and weakness in reasoning skills & mindset

  • Increasing team productivity by reducing errors

  • targeting group and individual professional development programs

Businesses who provide Human Resource services to other companies find the flexible app-based online administration of the INSIGHT business tests a useful tool for hiring recommendations. 

 Differentiate your staff and brand as committed to high quality thinking. Contact Insight Assessment to build the power of your team thinking skills.

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