Don’t stay committed to inadequate employees

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The worst concept in hiring is to stay committed to new employees who aren’t cutting it. 

It’s very expensive to continue to develop, train and pay an employee who won’t or can’t produce results that contribute to the company bottom line. That’s why the first 90 days of a new hire is the critical time frame to determine if they will fit into your organization. Validating the hire within those first 90 days is essential to building the confidence you and they need to grow within your company. If performance is inadequate, then the costs of that unproductive employee must be added to the cost of lost opportunities that a superior employee could bring.

Strong decision making and problem-solving skills result in on the job effectiveness that can be predicted by reasoning skills and thinking mindsets metrics attained by employees. Strong thinkers deliver results and profits. Are you hiring the best thinkers?

The right tools give you the data you need to accomplish your goals.

Many Insight Assessment clients use our thinking and reasoning testing tools to select the best candidate to hire. Others prefer to assess new hires once they have oriented to their new position. They find incorporating our test instruments into a 90-day assessment program is an excellent way to assure they are investing training time and effort wisely.

INSIGHT Business Professional is designed to help you identify talent as well as weak links in your organization. 

INSIGHT provides:

  • Objective data about practical cognitive skills and the thinking mindset attributes that determine workplace success. 

  • Industry leading individual and group reports of metrics calibrated for multiple levels of responsibility

  • Effortless integration into your current human resource processes, flexible app-based online administration, results in your inbox within minutes

  • Customer service that takes the hassle out of testing—just tell us who & when, we’ll take care of the rest

  • 30 years of leadership in thinking assessment, delivering research based, validated solutions

Your decision to use INSIGHT Business Professional to assess your staff is a high-impact, low-cost investment in the increased efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. Contact us to arrange a preview.

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