High School Students Use CT Every Day

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Critical thinking is a life skill.  Everyone needs to use critical thinking every day. 

High school students should engage in critical thinking when they are learning in and outside the classroom, when they are learning how to handle new situations in everyday life and whenever they make decisions.

The lives of high school students are in constant motion, requiring them to analyze information, interpret events and situations, evaluate claims and the reasons offered in their support.

  • Students need to be able to handle increasing amounts of information, thoughtfully evaluating the validity of the data and conclusions being presented by a wide variety of media.

  • They must develop the skills to analyze consumers information on the internet and news.

  • They must reason through big and little decisions about what to believe and what to do; errors in judgment can have immediate or long-term consequences.  

  • Without critical thinking skills students will not be prepared to effectively present their own points of view; they will not succeed in solving problems; and they may suffer the consequences of poor decision-making including failure to stay in school.

Critical thinking is vital in family life and, later in one’s work life for the same reasons.  People with strong critical thinking skills are always able to learn new things. Students possessing strength in critical thinking are better equipped to solve problems and develop new knowledge for life, for the workplace, and for our global community. They are more likely to achieve in school now, and that achievement prepares them for tomorrow.

EDUCATE INSIGHTis a comprehensive critical thinking assessment program for K-12 education. It features proven test instruments calibrated to provide objective metrics on the strength and weaknesses of core components of high school student critical thinking skills including mathematical reasoning.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can use the EDUCATE INSIGHT instruments to measure what matters – critical thinking.

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