Measuring Quantitative Reasoning (Numeracy)

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Children, adolescents and adults all need to be able to think critically about the mathematical and numerical information that surrounds them in the media, on the Internet, in schools and workplaces, and in society at large. Numeracy is the ability to solve quantitative reasoning problems and to make well-reasoned judgments derived from quantitative information in a variety of contexts.  More than being able to compute or calculate a solution to a mathematical equation, numeracy includes understanding how quantitative information is gathered, represented, and correctly interpreted using graphs, charts, tables and diagrams. Dr. Carol Gittens, points out “leading scholars and educators have consistently argued that numeracy rivals reading literacy and language fluency in its importance for learning and for life.”

Given the central importance of numeracy, Insight Assessment is proud to offer augmented versions of our most popular skills tests which report scores on numeracy as well as critical thinking:

     Business Critical Thinking Skills Test (BCTST)
     California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST)
     Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT)
     EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills series
     Test of Everyday Reasoning(TER)
     Quant Q

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