STEM Projects Require Specialized Skill Sets

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Science and engineering professionals who have the specialized skills required to be responsible for complex problem solving and decision making are in high demand. Don’t add further delays to your projects by hiring someone who doesn’t get it.  Before making an offer, use INSIGHT Science and Engineering Professional thinking assessment to preempt the risk of a weak link.

INSIGHT Science and Engineering Professional has been calibrated to objectively measure the mindset attributes and critical thinking skills that motivate and enable professionals working in these disciplines to contribute in a significant way to solving structurally, technologically, and scientifically complex problems.

Within minutes, our proven test instruments provide comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of candidates in 7 thinking skills and 9 mindset attributes.  Comprehensive individual reports provide relevant, actionable data for STEM talent identification, training development and team building

Experience and learned skills are only part of the decision to hire or promote an individual.  When both cognitive skills and mindset attributes are measured, the resultant metrics provide objective data to identify the individuals who will apply an engineering mindset and acumen to growing your business.

Whether you’re hiring engineering, technology or medical talent, technical skills are not the only skills in high demand.  With specializations in business, health care, law, science and engineering, defense and education, INSIGHTassessments are calibrated to give you objective metrics on the cognitive skills and mindset attributes that will be key in an employee’s integration into your work culture and project teams. Contact us to preview the INSIGHT tool that is aligned with your workforce.

Preparing students for success in STEM fields: Many STEM education programs integrate objective data from Insight Assessment critical thinking skills and/or mindset instruments into their selective admissions and placement programs. Contact us to learn more.

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