Train Critical Thinking to Improve Student Retention

Student success depends on critical thinking skills & mindset - Insight Assessment
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Critical thinking may be the most important and widely espoused undergraduate and graduate level student learning outcome.

Strong thinking skills and attributes are vital to success in every academic discipline.

Data shows that students with weak critical thinking skills fail to excel, and often can’t succeed in their chosen academic programs.

  • New research suggests students who are not inquisitive, who take a disorganized approach to thinking and problem solving, and who lack confidence in their own reasoning skills are the students who avoid using the learning resources and opportunities your support programs provide.
  • When students have not developed the thinking skills necessary to master class work, they drop out of school and fail.

Major colleges and universities have decided they cannot wait until students are failing courses and already on the road to academic disaster.

  • Instead they are using Insight Assessment tools to measure reasoning skills and mindset on the first day of class, during new student orientation, or even earlier in the admissions process.
  • Their staff and faculty use the data from these assessments to better target at-risk students and connect them with the necessary developmental programs, boosting student success. In addition Directors of Freshman Seminar are also using data from pre and post tests to evaluate the effectiveness of academic support programs.

Training students to be both willing and able to think critically puts them on the path toward academic success.

Employers report that critical thinking scores on Insight Assessment test instruments are strong predictors of a successful transition to careers, job certifications, and professional licensure.

Why delay retention efforts until February or March when you could know at the beginning of the Fall term exactly which new students were at risk because they lack the motivation to learn, the drive to succeed, the resilience, or the foresight to succeed in college?


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