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Dental students observing dentist working on patient

Critical Thinking in Health Care Education

Training critical thinking skills is required for academic and clinical success For decades, health science educators have been working hard to train critical thinking in …

Row of books with spine down on the shelf

Conclusions from 341 Critical Thinking Books and Papers

A guest post by Peter A Facione, Measured Reasons LLC.- updated March 6, 2019 How Can We Develop Critical Thinking in Our Organizations? This is …

Images from Insight Assessment Group Reports

Critical Thinking Data for Admissions- FAQs

Strong critical thinking predicts academic and professional success Insight Assessment critical thinking test instruments are used globally to objectively identify the student applicants who have …

Students in graduation robes and mortarbords celebrating their graduation

Data for student success at two year-colleges

Critical thinking assessment data benefits the institution and its graduates The success of students in their classes and in the workplace depends on the strength …

Numeracy is thinking well in quantitative contexts

The ability to think well in quantitative contexts is required for personal, academic, workplace and professional success today. People with strong numeracy skill apply their …

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