Create a Workforce of Great Minds

Eleanor Roosevelt brought a stunning level of analytical thinking to her social activism, her role as First Lady, and her service as Chair of the UN Commission of Human Rights. Her vision was energized by the ability to see and analyze the structure of societal problems and their potential solutions. Her success was dependent on working with others of similar mindsets and abilities. 

Successful organizations are always characterized by a culture of thinking aimed at developing creative ideas, anticipating emerging trends, and finding solutions for common human miseries. This type of leader requires more than educational credentials or previous work experience. Knowing the power of ideas, and how they influence behavior, this leader strives to envision future events and how others will need to be informed and motivated. Whether the emphasis is on creative development, risk assessment, or operational management, this leader focuses on ideas rather than retrospective discussions of people and events. Imagine the positive impact on your bottom line if you could be certain that your people will:

  • Regularly contribute practical and affordable suggestions
  • Commit to excellence and to the success of the organization
  • Diagnose problems correctly and manage risks effectively
  • Make decisions driven by data relevant to organizational goals
  • Anticipate and capture opportunities at all levels

You can easily build a more focused culture of thinking in your organization. Once you start this process, it is a self-evolving growth plan:

  1. Identify and empower leaders who demonstrate a thinking mindset and critical thinking skills capability. Your current team will seize opportunities, anticipate threats, and mange emergent novel problems.
  2. Hire for strength in critical thinking skills and mindset. Your new hire will learn your organization more quickly, with fewer missteps, and accurately anticipate and take actions that serve the organization.
  3. Strengthen the entire working community, providing appropriate assessment and training of reasoning skills and mindset for workers at every level.

Worried that the assessment will be too rigorous or not rigorous enough? Our cognitive scientist team at Insight Assessment has tracked human reasoning capacity for decades, designing and calibrating assessments in collaboration with industry leaders. We consult with potential clients as they select assessments to fit their employee groups. Clients have ongoing consultation services to assure that they can interpret assessment results and move employees or recruits on to needed training, assuring a successful initiative. Employees and new hires benefit from an assessment that showcases their strengths while identifying areas for growth or improvement.

It is always possible to become a better thinker. Improving reasoning skills and reinforcing a thinking mindset is a matter of developing insights about the timely recognition of problems and the habitual use of interpretation and evaluation skills to assure that they are dealt with. Coaching a thoughtful analysis of authentic problem situations with a debrief of how cognitive skills and mindset attributes were key to implementing solutions… that is what training is all about. Our INSIGHT Development Program, available in several formats, will allow your personnel to reinforce their insight about what they do cognitively when they are thinking well. More importantly, it will coach them to reflect on identified relative weaknesses in their approach to problem-solving and leadership and practice better approaches using real-world examples.

Contact us if you are ready to begin creating a team with great minds.

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