Celebrating Dr. Fernando Riegel

We commemorate our colleague Fernando Riegel, Nurse Professor Doctor in Brazil, for the publication “Critical Holistic Thinking in Times of Covid-19: unveiling fundamental skills to clinical nursing practice.”

Dr. Riegel is a Professor in the Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing (DEMC) at the School of Nursing at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. In 2015, when he first connected with Insight Assessment, he was a doctoral student interested in advancing the nursing profession in Brazil, improving the level of critical thinking required in nursing education programs. The Covid-19 pandemic hit Brazil hard. In early 2020, during the first outbreak, he sent this email: “We already have over 13,717 cases and 667 deaths. Here in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, we have 508 cases with 8 deaths. Hospitals seek to increase capacity and service conditions. Therefore, we observe the importance of professionals with strong critical thinking to meet the excessive demands, adverse situations and needs of patients”. During that year and through 2021, he redoubled his efforts to support nursing and conduct critical thinking research in this vitally important healthcare profession.

As one of our fellow international translators and consultants, Dr. Riegel allowed us to translate into Portuguese the Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT), the Business Critical Thinking Skills Test (BCTST), the California Critical Thinking Dispositions Inventory (CCTDI), California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) and Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric (HSRT) available for use by colleges and universities in Portuguese-speaking countries, among other multicenter research projects for the assessment and development of the thinking of students and professionals in the field of health education. 

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