Example Debriefing Doc – INSIGHT Business Professional

Your Score Report as a First Step To Improved Critical Thinking

The INSIGHT Business Professional provides an assessment of Thinking Mindset Attributes and Reasoning Skills. These attributes and skills were selected by business leaders as preferred characteristics and abilities in employees who hold leadership positions and have key decision-making roles in their organization. Score ranges are shown below, and training resources on pages 2 & 3.

Mindset attributes and reasoning skills can be strengthened with effective and engaging training, personal reflection and evaluation, and practice over time

Score Range Qualitative Rating
32 - 40 Strong Positive
26 - 31 Positive
10 - 25 Not Manifested
Employers look for these attributes in new hires and in their valued employees
Score Range Qualitative Rating
293 - 300 Superior
286 - 292 Strong
273 - 285 Moderate
265 - 272 Not Manifested
This assessment provides job applicants, new hires, and current employees the opportunity to demonstrate their reasoning skills.

These ten attributes support strength in problem-solving and decision-making:

Scale Name Short Description Recommended INSIGHT BASECAMP Mindset Boosters and Deep Dives
Judicious The judicious individual displays maturity and thoughtfulness in decision-making. Inventive Foresight Resourceful Leadership
Committed The committed professional is oriented toward the company and the job, its people, and its mission. Resourceful Leadership
Honorable Honorable individuals conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, ethics, and truthfulness. Courageous Truth-Seeking
Foresightful The foresightful professional is alert to potential difficulties and strives to foresee consequences. Inventive Foresight Deep Dive: Optimizing Decision-Making Part 1
Focused The focused professional takes an organized and systematic approach to problem-solving. Inventive Foresight Resourceful Leadership
Adaptable The adaptable professional has an appetite for innovation and system changes. Thoughtful Resilience Resourceful Leadership
Professionalism This scale addresses appropriate social interactions in the workplace, maintaining a proper focus on work responsibilities, collaboration, and positive leadership. Resourceful Leadership Deep Dive: Optimizing Decision-Making Part 2
Tolerant The tolerant manager respects diversity in the workplace, including showing due respect for different perspectives, opinions, and suggestions. Resourceful Leadership Courageous Truth-Seeking
Resourceful The resourceful professional is driven to find the means necessary to fulfill responsibilities. Inventive Foresight Resourceful Leadership
Motivational Motivational leaders communicate enthusiasm for the work at hand and motivate others to give their best. Resourceful Leadership

Successful decision-making and
problem-solving rely on these core
reasoning skills:

Scale Name Short Description Recommended INSIGHT BASECAMP Training
OVERALL The OVERALL metric represents the integration of thinking and reasoning skills needed to make operational decisions and to address concerns at the professional levels of an organization. All Skill Builders; Deep Dives on Experiential, Axiomatic, and Comparative Reasoning
Problem Analysis Problem analysis is the capacity to identify the critical elements in a problem-solving or decision making context. Skill Builders: Analysis and Interpretation Levels 1 & 2
Evaluating Alternatives Evaluating options accurately and establishing priorities. A strong score on this scale indicates strength in the core reasoning skills of evaluation and explanation. Skill Builders: Analysis and Interpretation Levels 1 & 2 Deep Dive: This-Is-Like-That Comparative Reasoning
Precise Contexts Anticipating outcomes and seeing logical consequences. This scale measures one's skills in drawing logical inferences in those precisely defined and tightly structured contexts where deductive reasoning plays a critical role. Skill Builders: Reasoning in Precise Contexts Levels 1 & 2 Deep Dive: Top-Down Axiomatic Reasoning
Ambiguous Contexts Problem-solving in contexts of risk, ambiguity, and uncertainty. This scale measuresthe core reasoning skill of drawing well warranted, justified inferences in situations involving probabilistic inductive reasoning, comparative this-is-like-that reasoning, and empirical facts-up-to-theories reasoning. Skill Builders: Reasoning in Ambiguous Contexts Levels 1 & 2 Deep Dive: Experiential Reasoning
Quantitative Contexts Reasoning well in contexts involving numerical data. This scale measures skill in applying analysis, interpretation, inference, and evaluation to decision contexts where critical numerical information is presented in charts, graphs, text, or tables. Skill Builder: Analysis and Interpretation Level 2: Numeric Communications and Graphics