Successful Companies Plan for Transition

Predicting economic trends has proven to be difficult in recent years. Previous patterns have been disrupted by both intentional change and unexpected events. All of our globally interlocked systems are in transition.

Whether an organization is currently thriving, maintaining, or faltering, that organization experiencing some kind of transition.

The Wall Street Journal warns that the U.S. economy is in a “rocky transition from an exceptionally strong recovery to a steep slowdown” pointing to inflation and rising interest rates. Perhaps we will see even greater uncertainty, but in any case, we are in flux. Successful businesses need foresight to accurately anticipate future direction.

It’s undeniable that some individuals have more of what we call “foresight”. They have a habit of mind that sets them apart from others. While many are celebrating past success, these people are future-focused. They are already working to assure that no unexpected event will prevent their next achievement. Are there enough people on your team with foresight? People who anticipate and address both the good and the bad likely outcomes of choices and plans? Creative and resourceful people who never take their eyes off the goal? Foresightful people throughout your organization manage change with a reflective vision and are vital to maintaining a resilient and successful business.

We are a global information community, and many actions that highly influence the success of a company are in the hands of workers.

Globally interlocked systems magnify the effects of transition, making it a non-viable option to isolate your business from change.

Every business needs people who can ask the tough questions, while exhibiting both courage and objectivity. People who have the maturity to reverse a decision that is failing to meet expected outcomes. People who are driven to achieve the company’s goals. These thinking mindset attributes enable a business to transition well as new demands and possibilities emerge. Read more about how to assess these important thinking mindset attributes in your people.

It takes both a positive thinking mindset and strong reasoning skills to have the insight needed to manage transition. When actions are needed, success will depend on your people having strong problem-analysis and risk-management skills. The highly skilled professionals responsible for achieving your company goals require the capacity to evaluate critical data and determine the next steps with the strongest likelihood of success. They need an appetite for innovation. They need the ability to communicate why the company’s transition to new products or procedures should be met with enthusiasm and hard effort. Read more about how you can address this need for strength in reasoning skills in your hiring strategies and training programs.

Transitions are always accompanied with a costly wasting of resources, because old protocols frequently fail in new situations. In times of transition, knowledge of how things have been done in the past is not enough. When evaluating previous tactics and determining new ways to do more with their current resources, insightful employees will call for and examine the data that counts. Insightful employees can determine which issues to address and which to table, all the while controlling risks. Employees with the reasoning skills and thinking mindset to manage transition are the catalysts for creating new revenue streams.

Some employees thrive on transition. Others like to step into a new opportunity with a clear idea of what will be expected. Both perspectives acknowledge the transition that is underway, and both are needed to achieve new potential. There are others who do not welcome transition and resist changes in work expectations.

Knowing more about the reasoning skills and thinking mindset of your people is key to knowing your organization and managing transition. For 30 years, Insight Assessment has been a global leader in the assessment of reasoning skills and attributes needed for a thinking mindset. Our INSIGHT workplace assessments are tailored for hiring and development programs in Business, Financial Services, Science & Engineering, Military & Defense, Health Care, Law, Government, and Emergency Services. Our Academic assessments are tailored for College Level assessment initiatives, professional education, and K-12 programs.

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