Elevating Excellence: Unveiling Our New Client Interface

At Insight assessment, we provide clients with tools to assess decision-making skills and thinking mindset attributes in their applicants, and trainees and management professionals. We have always believed in pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in everything we do. It is with great pride we announce the launch of our

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An image of three smiling firefighters in full gear standing in front of a fire truck. The firefighter on the left is bald and holding a red helmet, the one in the middle is holding a yellow helmet, and the firefighter on the right is a blonde woman holding her helmet. They all appear to be in high spirits and ready for duty.

Enhancing Emergency Response: Building Future-Ready Fire and Rescue Teams

In the demanding realm of emergency response, the capacity for critical thinking and swift action is indispensable. Fire and rescue commanders and EMT dispatchers are pivotal in life-saving scenarios, where their rapid decision-making and adept coordination can significantly impact outcomes. Elizabeth Woodward, a venerated figure in fire service education and

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