Vote Smart in the 2024 Election: Free Tools to Improve Decision-Making

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Making the best possible reasoned judgment about what to believe or what to do is a great way to define “critical thinking.” It’s a process that works best when we start with the facts and understand the consequences of our choices.

For a national election, getting the facts right and understanding the consequences will depend on what people see and hear from the candidates as they campaign for office.

To vote wisely, you need to use critical thinking skills such as analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. To help you enhance these skills, we are offering the following Insight Basecamp online mini-courses from now and through the the day before the US Election for free:

      1. Analysis and Interpretation Level 1: Verbal Communications and Credibility – Improve your ability to analyze and interpret information.

      1. Optimize Decision Making Part 1: Reactive and Reflective Thinking – Understand the benefits and pitfalls of both detailed thinking and gut reactions. If you’re curious about how we human beings really make decisions, you’ll enjoy our online mini-course.

    Both mini courses will will be available to purchase for free from today until 12:00am on November 5, 2024. To receive one or both of your free mini courses, go now to Insight Basecamp and enter the coupon code “Vote110424” at checkout.

    Looking to assess your own critical thinking mindset and skills? Check out Insight Basecamp’s Critical Thinking Strategies – A Reasoning Skills Quiz and Critical Thinking Keys – A Survey of Key Habits of Mind.

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